The war over gas has heated up again after the City of Sydney voted to begin the process of ending all natural gas in new homes and businesses.

The council resolved at its ordinary session on Monday to explore amendments to planning control laws that would require new buildings to be gas-free.

The resolution, seconded Green’s Deputy Mayor Sylvie Ellsmore, will impact new residential and non-residential buildings, and comes after similar measures elsewhere in Sydney.

Waverly City Council in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and the Parramatta City Council have both recently explored ending gas-supply to new constructions in those areas.

The motion noted that gas was a “a fossil fuel which is highly toxic for human health”, especially when used indoors for gas cooking, and increasingly costly.

The move has been met with mixed opinions, with 2GB host Ben Fordham criticising the pending gas ban on his morning radio show on Tuesday.

“Imagine you want to open a new restaurant in the heart of Sydney (…) try telling this to the top chefs, because they all say the same thing,” he said.

“You have got to be cooking with gas, that’s people expect when they want the best food. Can you make it any harder for the businesses, not to mention the residents as well.”

In a statement, City of Sydney council said the motion was supported by eight out of 10 councillors and was welcomed by industry experts and health professionals.

The plan will also empower council staff to investigate ways to transition existing properties outfitted with gas to all-electric alternatives, including for cooking.

It comes as the war over gas heats up across the country, including in Victoria where all new properties will be gas-free from early next year according to a July motion.

The ACT Government previously implemented a similar prohibition in the ACT which restricts gas outfits in new residential properties in the capital.

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