A five-year-old girl has been killed after a military jet crashed into her family’s car.
The Italian aircraft crashed during a training exercise in Turin, about 140km from Milan, also leaving the girl’s nine-year-old brother seriously injured.

Shocking footage shows the aircraft flying way below the rest of the fleet before crashing on the runway on Saturday, The Sun reports.

The pilot is seen launching from the cabin just moments before the jet goes up in flames after hitting the ground.

The children’s parents and pilot were not in life-threatening danger, Italian news agency ANSAreported.

All survivors suffered burns and were rushed to nearby hospitals.

Initial reports by local media suggest that the jet fell during takeoff.

The exact cause of the crash has not been confirmed.

Military sources said a flock of birds could have hindered the takeoff by impacting the jet.

An engine failure was also among the hypotheses, ANSA reported.

The military jet was part of the Frecce Tricolori patrol, which was expected at 5pm at the Vercelli Aeroclub for an air show.

But after the fleet’s jet crashed near Turin’s Caselle Airport, organisers cancelled the 4,000-guest event.

In a statement, the club’s president, Alberto Bannino said: “On behalf of the entire organisation and the Aeroclub board, expresses condolences and closeness to the family involved and participates in mourning for the victims”.

The Frecce Tricolori were also one of the main attractions at Collegno aero club on Sunday to celebrate the centenary of the air force.

But the event has been cancelled as a sign of condolence to the family.

Earlier, another plane crash took place at the Turin Aeroclub after a Galeb jet’s brakes failed mid-manoeuvre.

No injuries were reported.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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