Dashcam footage has captured the moment a driver has swerved into oncoming traffic to save a child’s life.

Laurie Owens was travelling along the Salisbury Highway in Adelaide when he noticed a young boy, still in his nappy, who had wandered onto the road as cars passed.

He quickly sprang into action, mounting the median strip and bringing his car into the path of oncoming traffic in an effort to shield the boy.

“I’d rather take the damage of a car running into me because I’m safe rather than the child be killed because what protection do they have?” he told 9 News.

Startled by the car, the little boy named Aaryan ran toward a nearby home, with Mr Owens scooping him up to try and find his parents.

“We didn’t know whether the kid lived there or not so we went in to see the people inside and sure enough it was their child and the gates were left wide open and the kid was out on the road,” he said.

His mother said she had no idea how the boy with autism managed to get out of their home and onto the road.

“Thank you, I’m really grateful that [he] saved my child,” she said.

As for Mr Owens, he was glad that the little boy was able to make it home safely

“I’ve saved a kid’s life. He’s got a future now,” he said.


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