A Melbourne businessman has taken a cheeky swipe at the couple who aired a series of “embarrassing” complaints after winning a $4.25 million house.

The Gisborne home – located 54 kilometres northwest of Melbourne – featured on last year’s The Block and was recently handed over to Kevin and Andrea Griffin as part of a raffle run by Adrian Portelli.

Mr Portelli, also known as ‘Lambo Guy’, reportedly paid $4.25 million for the property in November last year before announcing to his followers it would be part of a giveaway run through his business LMCT+.

The house came fully furnished, but the Griffins have now accused Mr Portelli of removing $100,000 worth of items from the property, despite the business man insisting the items that were taken were not included in the terms and conditions of the prize.

In a “final twist” to the ugly saga, Mr Portelli ran a $1 raffle for all the items that were removed from the house, with the winner being announced on Thursday night.

Some of the bigger ticket items allegedly removed from the house include wine, a wine fridge, kitchen appliances, a toolbox, a meat smoker and a treadmill.

But the millionaire couldn’t help taking a cheeky swipe at the Griffins ahead of the giveaway.

“Oh geez, look at all that furniture … that remained in the house,” he said, while standing in front of a screen showing videos from inside the $4.25 million home.

He then continued the video, announcing there would be two giveaways, one for a Toyota LandCruiser and another for the “mysterious” items out from The Block house.

A person from South Australia ultimately ended up winning the items from the house, while a woman from Queensland won the car.

Mr Portelli’s followers have also joined in on the fun, with commenters joking that the Toyota better not have items missing upon delivery.

“Can you please give a full list of every part on the 4×4 don’t miss anything out,” one person said.

“Better not be any tread missing on those tyres mate,” another wrote.

Others joked that the car better come with a full tank of petrol and a red bow or they wouldn’t be happy.

‘Where did my wine fridge go?’

After the Griffins accused Mr Portelli of wrongly removing $100,000 worth of items from the home, he released a video of the couple‘s very unimpressed reaction when touring the multi-million dollar, mortgage-free home they had just won.

The video starts with Ms Griffin asking, “Is that heated?” to which Mr Portelli responds that he doesn’t know.

“It would want to be,” Mr Griffin adds.

It is not immediately clear what the couple are referring to, though the home does feature a pool as part of a landscaped outdoor area.

Mr Portelli said that he wasn’t “too sure” but noted there were multiple bathtubs in the home, before offering to show the couple the rest of the house.

“Where did my wine fridge go? There was a wine fridge there,” Ms Griffin said upon entering one of the living areas.

“There’s a couple of lamps in there. We can sell those on eBay,” she is heard saying in another clip.

While looking into one of the rooms, Mr Griffin notes that they “forgot to give that ceiling its final coat”.

“I am going to pick the s**t out of this,” he said, adding that “someone is in for a hell of a lot of trouble”.

In another clip, the Victorian man is seen holding an extension cord and shaking his head, claiming: “They didn’t rectify that problem”.

“I have got all this time now to be an a**hole to whoever built this joint,” Mr Griffin noted.

The footage sparked immediate outrage from social media users, with many slamming the couple’s reaction as “embarrassing” and branding them “ungrateful” and “petty” after winning a prize the majority of Aussies could only dream of.

“I’m actually gobsmacked watching the handover video …. that was enough for me,” one person wrote.

Another person slammed their reaction as “un-Australian”, noting there were so many people “doing it tough” who can’t even get their hands on a rental property, let alone afford a home loan.

Others even went as far as to brand the couple the “biggest sooks in Australia”.

CCTV footage at centre of dispute

Prior to releasing the video of the walk-through of the house, the Griffins shared CCTV footage of Mr Portelli and a group of men appearing to remove a number of items from the property.

These reportedly included wine, kitchen appliances, a toolbox, a meat smoker and a treadmill.

Ms Griffin told the Herald Sun she “couldn’t believe it” when they uncovered the footage.

“We were just like, what the hell? Why has he done this?” she said.

Her husband told the publication that if he had known valuable items were going to be taken from the property, then he would have opted to take the $3m cash that was offered as an alternative prize by Mr Portelli.

However, the business man later revealed the items that were taken were not included in the terms and conditions of the giveaway and the house was still given to the couple fully furnished.

He also shared an itemised list of dozens of items the Griffins are allegedly claiming were removed from the property.

Along with the bigger ticket items already mentioned, the list also includes things like candles, books, towels, lotion, wooden spoons, gumboots, dog bed and dog food.

“The Block contestants do receive many items from sponsors that aren’t included. So in the in the shed there was a lot of items like a treadmill, there was the wine that contestants won, there was toolboxes, etc,” Mr Portelli explained.

“Now in our terms and conditions we do state that the house comes fully furnished and yes, it came fully furnished with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture however, apparently there’s hundreds of items that are missing.”

Mr Portelli said it was up to him to decide what he did with the items that were removed, adding, “Who bloody cares?”

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