Aldi has revealed it will begin offering online shopping to remain competitive with Coles and Woolworths in Australia.

Speaking yesterday at a parliamentary inquiry into promoting economic dynamism, competition and business formation, Aldi communications director Adrian Christie said: “you will see us entering that space in the future”.

“I think there is significant share moving into the online space,” he said.

Last year, Aldi ran a trial where shoppers could purchase some of its Special Buys items online, but it concluded last August.

At the time, a spokesperson for the German supermarket chain said while the trial provided valuable insight and some customers enjoyed the online ordering option, it “wasn’t the right time to expand”.

The reason Aldi has been reluctant to dip its toe into the world of online shopping is to keep grocery costs down, but it acknowledges that in doing so it is handing its rivals a competitive advantage.

Aldi is determined to maintain its brand positioning as Australia’s cheapest supermarket by selling products for 15 to 20 per cent less than its competitors, something Mr Christie acknowledges will be a challenge as it moves online.

At 48 per cent, almost half of Australian consumers are already doing some food shopping online, while almost 15 per cent have switched to ordering most or all of their groceries on the internet, according to the Australia Online Grocery Study and Report 2022.

Aldi is Australia’s best-rated supermarket coming out on top of Canstar Blue’s annual Supermarket Satisfaction Ratings recently.

Woolworths has a 37 per cent share of the grocery market, with Coles at 28 per cent and Aldi at 10 per cent, according to Statistica.

Both its main rivals have invested heavily in their online and delivery offerings.

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