Australia’s “most sexually active woman” has revealed the jaw-dropping amount she makes as an adult content creator.

Annie Knight, 26, quit her career in marketing to work full-time on OnlyFans, where she sells X-rated videos and photos to fans for $14.99 a month.

The Newcastle woman recently revealed she was earning around $150,000 a month with her “spicy” business, but her revelation about left some sceptical.

After being accused of “lying” about her huge income, she shared a screenshot of her past month’s earnings from the subscription-based site, proving she really is raking it in.

“This is from the last 30 days, it’s from September 19 to October 19, where I’ve made $104,000 USD,” she states in the recent video.

“That’s about $160,000 Australian. I expect that to go up once we get the full month of October, I expect it will come in at around $134,000 USD, which is about $200,000 AUD.

“So am I lying? No.”

Her video fell flat with some on TikTok, but many were quick to praise the entrepreneur for her savvy money-making skills.

“I just wanted to say congrats on making this amount of money,” one commented.

“Get it girlllll,” another agreed, as one declared: “Slay Annie.”

However, some were not as impressed, arguing there were “better ways” to make money.

Despite earning money many Aussies could only dream of, Ms Knight has revealed her side-hustle turned full-time job cost her career, after she was “fired” from her last role when her explicit images were exposed.

“I got fired from one of my jobs. I’d just started a new role, I was on day five, and actually went home sick that day,” she told SBS Insight recently. “I received an email saying ‘termination of contract’.”

Ms Knight went on to explain she was “shocked” and said she “didn’t know what was going on”, before opening the email to discover screenshots of her adult content.

“There was a list of three reasons why I was fired basically,” she explained.

“They said I falsely advised that I had a side business, didn’t ask for permission from the company to run the side business and that I had online pornographic images of myself and crude language that was against company rules.”

However, she’s since gone on to become one of the top OnlyFans creators in the world, currently ranking in the top 0.09 per cent.

As a result of her success, she’s explored other ventures, including the launch of the Double Dose podcast which she co-hosts with OnlyFans creator Taila Maddison.

Ms Knight, who once described herself as “the most sexually active woman in the world”, confessed to sleeping with 300 men and women in a single year recently.

“Sex makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good,” she said.

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