NSW Premier Chris Minns has revealed the hilarious text he recieved from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese after he proposed.

After sending Mr Albanese a congratulatory text after the announcement of his engagement to long term partner Jodie Haydon, the prime minister bantered back with Mr Minns.

“I texted him and he sent me a text message back saying ‘we’re both punching above our weight’,” Mr Minns said on KIIS 106.5.

“I said to my wife ‘is he talking about himself punching’?

“But then she goes ‘no you idiot, he means you and him are punching’.”

An Australian colloquialism, to “punch above your weight” is to be out of your league in some capacity.

When musing about the wedding invite list for Mr Albanese’s wedding, Mr Minns said he was unsure whether he and his wife Anna would make the cut.

“I talked about that with my wife, I said ‘I wonder whether we’ll be on the list?’”

“I reckon we’re a no. Why would he invite me?

“Doesn’t he then have to [invite] all other premiers, everyone else in the cabinet, everyone on the backbench?

“We talked about it, but I suspect they’re going to keep it small,” he said.

When replaying a radio conversation Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O had with Mr Albanese, he also revealed Barnaby Joyce would definitely not be on the invite list.

“Everyone at this point is on the maybe list,” he said, but “Barnaby’s not invited”.

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