Are aliens real? What song would get Anthony Albanese up and dancing in a Vegas nightclub? And can a trio of radio hosts be granted diplomatic immunity?

Those are just some of the big topics Anthony Albanese canvassed on FM radio on Wednesday morning.

While his frontbenchers fronted up to answer questions about Labor’s move to describe Israeli settlements in Palestine as “illegal”, the Prime Minister was laughing away on Melbourne radio.

“You’ve got to keep your sense of humour in this job,” he laughed as the hosts played his own musical intro, a play on Lionel Richie’s Easy (like Sunday morning).

The hosts let him get in a couple of words about the upcoming Voice to parliament referendum – it’ll be held sometime between AFL grand final day and the Melbourne Cup – before quickly pivoting to more scintillating matters.

“We are heading over to Las Vegas and we are partying for 24 hours around the clock, Hangover style … So we were wondering is there a possibility that we could have some sort of … diplomatic immunity for whatever gets up on our trip over in Vegas,” host Fifi Box asked.

“We have got a consulate in Los Angeles, which is not far from Vegas, of course, and I reckon we need to put them on alert,” Mr Albanese joked.

“So they’re ready to help out should anything untoward happen and you need the Australian government’s intervention. I will certainly do that.”

He let the hosts know he hosted “drinkies” (his words) at the Lodge on Thursday afternoon with members of the Australian-American leadership dialogue.

“(I’ll) try and find you a local member who can talk with your people and make sure you’re looked after as well,” Mr Albanese said, before extending an invite to the hosts.

“We’d love for you to come with us,” Box said. “But we understand it might not be a good look for you.”

On the song that would get the Prime Minister up and dancing at a Vegas nightclub, he suggested Bon Jovi’s classic Living on a Prayer given American DJs might not be up with Cold Chisel’s Khe Sanh.

But most controversially, does Mr Albanese believe in aliens?

“I think in spite of the fact that sometimes I do wonder where people are coming from, I reckon there is no like secret thing,” he said.

He was asked in relation to the inquiry by the US House oversight committee that is investigating the question of extraterrestrial life.

“It’s pretty extraordinary – there is in America, I think they’ve got some committee looking at it in the Senate or something – I think that probably says more about the people looking at it than it does about the aliens,” he said.

“That was subtle. I am not sure how diplomatic it was.”

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