He looks like a cross between Austin Powers and Bronwyn Bishop if she was a man in a brown wig who just won the Argentinian election.

Indeed, his supporters call him “the wig” in a homage to his extraordinary bouffant.

The Wall Street Journal recently declared that his hair is “baffling the world.”

But if you’ve watched the viral video of the self-described anarcho-capitalist denouncing “leftards” and wondered if this is all a giant stitch up for a comedy program you would be very wrong.

Meet Javier Gerardo Milei. He really did just get elected as Argentina’s next president.

Born on October 2 1970, he is an Argentine economist, author, and politician who believes comprehensive sex education in schools as a form of brainwashing.

He doesn’t believe in abortion and isn’t terribly jazzed by Covid-19 vaccines.

But he has proposed the legalisation of the sale of human organs.

In an interview on Argentinian television before he was elected, he declared war on woke.

“You can’t give s**t leftards an inch. All collectivists, all kinds of collectivists. […] They are s**t!,’” he thundered.

“If you think differently from them they will kill you. This is the point. You can’t give s**t leftists an inch, if you give them an inch they will use it to destroy you.

“You can’t negotiate with leftards. You don’t negotiate with trash because they will end you!

“If they – the left – if it’s one of them, he puts on the (pro-abortion) green scarf and yells about neoliberalism all the time, they hide it.

“If suddenly there’s a journalist that molests another journalist, they hide it. When it’s one of them, they hide it. They hide all of those aberrations.

“Now, if you are on the other side, they will ruin you. They will kill you, they will throw you everything, they don’t care if they ruin your whole life. Why? Only because you don’t think like them.”

And until three months ago, no-one in their right-mind thought Melei had a chance of becoming president of South America’s second-largest economy.

A climate change denier and economist, he rose to fame as dial-a-quote television talking head.

In September 2021, Milei said: “The first thing I am going to say to the sh***y, silly, parasitic and useless political caste is what I am not going to do. I will never go against private property, I will never go against freedom, I will never raise a tax, I will never create new taxes.”

Running under the slogan “I didn’t come here to lead lambs but to awaken lions”, he denounced “useless, parasitic politicians who have never worked”.

“I’m here to kick these criminals out”, he said.

One of his campaign promises during an earlier campaign for political office was raffling his salary to a random person each month, aiming to “return money to the citizens”.

“The state is a criminal organization that finances itself through taxes levied on people by force. We are returning the money that the political caste stole,‘’ he said.

Who does he like? His dogs.

According to Time magazine, his closest confidantes are Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert, and Lucas – who he thanked when he finished first in the country’s presidential primaries in August.

“Who else?” he said. “My four-legged children,” he said.

An unofficial Milei biographer, wrote in the Buenos Aires Times that years ago a 200-pound hound called Conan became his “true and greatest love” “literally his son.”

When the dog died in 2017, Milei reportedly visited a medium to conduct telepathic conversations.

The (psychic) dog told him to become president of Argentina and he also believed they previously met in a past life.

In 2018, he reportedly cloned Conan using his DNA, to create more dogs: Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, and Robert Lucas.

He claims that his current dog Conan, cloned for $50,000 after his death in 2017, inspired his mission to become president.

Not quote a mission from God but from D.O.G.

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