Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child, Joseph Baena, is all grown up and sharing his life on social media.

Baena, 26, is the biological son of Schwarzenegger and Mildred Patricia Baena, and he was famously conceived while his parents were married to different people.

His mother was working for Schwarzenegger as a housekeeper at the time, and to this day, Baena is the legal son of Rogelio Baena, the man to whom she was then married.

The whole thing was a huge secret, and he didn’t know that the bodybuilder turned movie star turned politician was his biological dad until he was 13, and the story exploded in the media.

Ultimately, Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, with whom he shares four other children, separated when the news dominated the headlines in 2010.

Now that the dust has settled, Baena has chosen not to shy away from the spotlight and is very public online instead.

He has over 200,000 followers on TikTok, millions of likes and shares plenty of fitness content online. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he bears a striking resemblance to his famous dad.

Baena is tanned, muscular, and shares the same cheeky smile as his father.

He also is copying his father’s love of fitness and describes himself as invested in fitness, acting and food.

His whole online vibe is very ‘gym bro’: he posts videos of himself eating steak, going for runs and working out.

On Instagram, it is a similar story. He has amassed over 500,000 followers and something like 90 per cent of his images are of him shirtless, flexing or working out.

The upcoming actor does have a sense of humour about himself. When he uploaded a photo wearing a shirt for a change, he conceded how rare it was.

“Don’t worry, I wear regular clothes too,” he joked.

On Instagram, he shares the random, luxurious lifestyle that often seems to only be available to nepo babies.

He’ll often share content about himself completing a triathlon, spending the day on a fancy-looking boat or DJ-ing.

Besides appearing on Dancing With The Stars in2022 and getting eliminated in the 5th round. He keeps himself busy by being an actor/DJ/real estate agent, which is precisely the kind of random concoction you’d expect from someone whose father went from bodybuilding into acting, and then politics.

Baena has made it clear that he believes he is self-made, and he toldMen’s Health that his famous father doesn’t do “handouts.”

“My dad is old-school; he doesn’t believe in handouts. He believes hard work pays off, and so do I,” he explained.

Baena also claimed he’d never take an opportunity his father created for him because of his “honour”.

“I love the word honour, and I’m very prideful in the sense that if I use my dad’s contacts or ask him for favours, I wonder what honour is that going to bring me?”

He said that he doesn’t have the “same” last name as is famous father, so if he does book an audition, he knows it is all him.


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