Circle July 23 in your calendars.

That’s when Venus embarks on its retrograde journey through dynamic Leo, sparking a cosmic audit of love, looks and money until September 4.

Consider this the universe’s pause button, inviting introspection and a deep dive into your relationships and financial landscape.

Venus and your relationships

It’s no surprise that planet Venus is associated with love and romance in astrology, given that its orbit through our sky forms the likeness of a blooming rose. But what unfolds when Venus hits the cosmic brakes and slips backwards through the zodiac?

Venus’ retrograde marks a period of reflection, review and reassessment. Think of it as a check-in for your relationships – a chance to ask yourself, “Am I content with where I am and who I am with?”

Visualise Venus as that friend with your best interests at heart, asking you the hard questions. “Are you and your partner still on the same page?” Or, “Are you turning a blind eye to a new lover’s red flags?”

Despite Leo’s penchant for drama, it’s the sign associated with love and romance in astrology. The zodiac Lion’s intention isn’t to create turmoil in your relationship or mess with your heart, but to uncover the truth and facilitate your next steps.

For some, Venus’ review might signal an impending separation. If your relationship has passed its use-by-date and a romance revival is a distant dream, this retrograde could spark the beginning of the end.

Still, breakups are unlikely to materialise out of nowhere. Venus aims to separate couples already experiencing relationship unrest, conflict and discontent.

If your relationship has been plagued with uncertainty for some time, Venus’ backspin through Leo could exacerbate existing insecurities, triggering nagging doubts about the stability of your bond.

Yet, instead of pushing them aside, Venus encourages you to confront them and question whether your partner, a casual fling or a situationship is right for you.

On the flip side, Venus’ introspection could kindle the desire to step up commitment or connect more deeply with your partner or someone new.

Content couples may realise how much their partner means to them, solidifying their shared path and love objectives.

Some might even pop the question or move in together, while others may lavish their partner with grand displays of adoration (after all, Leo isn’t known for subtly).

Perfect day to propose or walk down the aisle

On August 13, Venus and the Sun will make a rare alignment, known as a cazimi, during its retrograde.

A cazimi, derived from Latin meaning “in the heart”, occurs when a planet and the Sun occupy the exact same spot in the zodiac – in this case, in the sign of Leo.

Astrologically, Venus will be “in the heart” of the Sun, amplifying Venusian qualities like love, romance and luxury, creating the perfect day for a heartfelt “yes” or “I do”.

Venus and your finances

Beyond romance, Venus’ retrograde asks hard-hitting financial questions like, “Are you managing your cash wisely?”

As one of the astrological representers of money and luxury in astrology, Venus demands the same introspection and scrutiny of your finances as your love life during its retrograde period.

Ignoring your money problems would be a misstep. Venus encourages a candid assessment of your budget, investments and earning potential, prompting any necessary adjustments.

Review your incomings and expenditures meticulously and explore novel ways to increase your income.

While the retrograde period isn’t the ideal time to implement changes, you can plan to confidently make your move once Venus resumes its forward motion after September 4.

Even so, financial introspection could bring crucial revelations during Venus’s retrograde.

Inner and outer beauty

Your relationships are a mirror, reflecting the level of your self-love.

While in introspective mode, Venus invites you to appreciate yourself a little more. Do you value what you bring to the table, or do you sell yourself short? Venus’ reversal suggests bumping up your self-worth if it’s the latter.

While nurturing your inner confidence, Venus also recognises the importance of your outward image.

Given that the beauty planet and Leo are linked to self-esteem, this retrograde may inspire beauty enhancements. But hold off for now. Venus’ backtrack isn’t a great time to proceed with any major transformations but rather to question your motivation for wanting to improve or change your appearance.

If you decide that a radical new look is for you, it’s best to schedule it after September 4, when Venus is back in her prime.

Venus’ backward journey also highlights opportunities for self-promotion and acknowledgment, allowing you to showcase your unique traits and talents once Venus has resumed her forward motion.

But remember, you can devise ways to claim the spotlight during the retrograde period, but wait until after September 4 to make your move.

Venus cycles – a repeating lesson

Venus’ astrological patterns provide clues on what to expect during its retrograde.

While Venus reverses its course every eighteen months, it only retrogrades through the same zodiac sign – in this case, Leo – every eight years, meaning the last time Venus rewound through Leo in 2015, it impacted the same area of your personal birth chart.

Reflect on what surfaced for you then; you may find similar themes and lessons resonating now.

Aries and Aries rising

As Venus backtracks through your love life, it’s time for a heart-to-heart with yourself. Have your romantic dreams changed as you’ve weathered life’s ups and downs?

This celestial time-out is your chance to determine what you want and need from your current or future love interest. Plus, Venus encourages you to keep things fun and lighthearted in your relationships.

So, Aries, be playful, laugh a little and let love happen.

Taurus and Taurus rising

During Venus’ backward spin in your home zone, family connections come under the microscope. You love your kin, but it’s okay to prioritise yourself every once in a while. Venus grants you permission for guilt-free “me time”.

Planning some home improvements? Beware, your abode could turn into a money-eating monster. Stay on top of expenses by comparing quotes before making a final decision.

Gemini and Gemini rising

As the master communicator of the zodiac, you understand the power of words, especially those you say to yourself.

Remember, knowing your worth is key, and expecting others to know that is just as crucial. But how can you demand the respect and adoration you deserve if you focus on your imperfections? Your shortcomings don’t define you, Gemini.

Embrace a self-loving narrative, and you’ll find the universe reflecting it back to you.

Cancer and Cancer rising

As Venus retrogrades, she’s eyeing your money to boost your financial freedom. But this requires some economic savvy.

Start with a deep dive into your incomings and outgoings. Are you spending more than you can afford and living beyond your means? Have forgotten direct debits and subscriptions started to gnaw at your savings?

Venus recommends you tighten your purse strings for now. A pinch of frugality during her backspin promises to pay off after September 4.

Leo and Leo rising

Venus retrograde has you considering a fresh new look. But while musing over a new tattoo or edgy hair colour is fine, it isn’t the best time to make dramatic changes to your appearance. Instead, let this period be one of reflection and inspiration. Flip through fashion magazines and curate a Pinterest board with your style muses.

Once Venus resumes her direct course after September 4, you’ll have the cosmic thumbs-up to revamp your look to reflect your inner beauty.

Virgo and Virgo rising

Nurture your mental and emotional health while Venus travels backwards through your contemplative zone.

Now isn’t the time to elevate your ambitions or push yourself. Instead, go within and ponder life’s big questions.

You could even develop a profound insight about your past that could serve as a launch pad for your best future, especially once Venus hits her stride after September 4.

For now, Virgo, your Venus retrograde mission is to let go, let flow and learn the art of surrender.

Libra and Libra rising

You’re re-evaluating your social circle, wondering who truly belongs.

Venus’ backtrack reveals some truths about a female friend, prompting you to reconsider who you allow into your inner circle.

It’s not about suspicion but consciously choosing who can share your secret thoughts. Don’t be afraid to elevate your standards.

Venus reminds you that you deserve genuine, solid friendships. And nothing less will do.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Career-focused Scorpios, it’s time for self-reflection.

Are you giving 100 per cent to your work or a personal project, only to receive little recognition or gain? Then Venus’ retrograde might cause you to rethink your commitment.

If you decide to continue investing your heart and soul into this pursuit, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you deserve in return for your efforts.

After all, your expertise and energy are precious commodities.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

A love lesson could be an enlightening experience that leads to greater relationship satisfaction. Just remember to stay open-minded and avoid assuming you have all the answers. There’s a pearl of love wisdom to be gleaned from Venus’ backtrack that you don’t want to miss. And when it comes to your mother-in-law, the cosmos suggests setting some gentle but firm boundaries.

Flying solo? An “ah-ha” moment about a past relationship could free you from a repetitive dating cycle.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

Venus offers an insightful strategy to get that loan or debt under control.

Along with money matters, her retrograde ignites your sensual side, releasing lingering inhibitions or frustrations.

This new-found passion may initially feel unsettling, especially given your typically composed bedroom manner. But once you embrace your erotic cravings, recognising the undeniable connection between sexual fulfilment and your overall wellbeing, you’ll be unstoppable.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

Taken Aquarians feeling pangs of discontent, use Venus’ retrograde as a pause to reflect on whether to stick it out or move on. Consider this cosmic shift as a supportive nudge to clarify your feelings.

That said, astrology doesn’t dictate your decisions – it simply provides the impetus. So, if you choose to work things out, Venus can guide you on that path.

Content duos may contemplate a big purchase, while singles re-evaluate what they want in a partner. How have your desires evolved?

Pisces and Pisces rising

Venus asks you to review your health goals. Have they fallen by the wayside?

If your motivation to work out has waned, now is a great time to rethink your fitness regimen. Should you swap your daily run for yoga? If your pilates routine has lost its shine, perhaps kickboxing could ignite your passion?

Overindulging in unhealthy food or alcohol? Ditch the guilt and use Venus’ retrograde to pen some empowering affirmations that bolster your wellness.

Natasha Weber, PMAAAC, MAFA, is accredited by the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology and is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the Federation of Australian Astrologers and the Victorian Astrologer’s Association. Natasha is one of only six recipients to have received the prestigious AAAC Diploma for her significant contribution to Astrological research.


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