The first Australian victim killed in Hamas’ “senseless act of violence” has been confirmed as a beloved grandmother.

Galit Carbone, 66, is believed to have been found outside her home in an Israeli kibbutz 5km from the Gaza Strip where more than 100 people were killed.

The family of the Sydney born mother-of-three, and grandmother of two, and the Australian Jewish community more broadly are “heartbroken”.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said she was “devastated” by the news.

“This is heartbreaking news this morning for the family of (Ms Carbone), her community here in Australia … our hearts absolutely go out to her,” she told Channel 7.

“I’m devastated for the people who knew her, but also the broader Jewish Australian community.

“We’ve got brothers and sisters of the Jewish religion around our country who are suffering greatly from what is a brutal, violent, abhorrent and completely unjustified act of terrorism against their country and their citizens.

“What’s happened here is a senseless act of violence, that will get more violent, and the Australian government condemns it in the strongest possible terms.”

She said the government was “standing with” the Jewish community.

“We’re … wrapping our arms around you, and I express my deepest condolences for what has happened here,” she said.

Ms Carbone is understood to have moved to Israel to raise her children and was working as a librarian.

Ten per cent of the kibbutz she called home were killed in the weekend attack.

More than 10,000 Australians live in Israel, and many more are believed to have been visiting the Jewish country when Palestinian militant group Hamas – recognised as a terrorist group by Australia – launched a surprise attack on the weekend.

In its attack, Hamas has slaughtered innocent civilians – including children – in an act US President Joe Biden has condemned as “pure evil”.

Israel has returned fire, launching rockets at Palestine and this week announced a “complete siege” – cutting off all food and electricity from the enclave.

Israel has mobilised hundreds of thousands of Israeli reservists in preparation for an anticipated ground offensive, with support from the US.

Hamas has taken at least 100 Israelis hostage and has threatened to kill one every time Israel fires a rocket at the enclave.

Already, the death toll in Israel has surpassed 1000 with more than 2000 people wounded; and at least 510 Palestinians have been killed and more than 2750 injured.

Opposition finance spokeswoman Jane Hume said it was “almost inevitable” that there would be more Australian victims.

“We know there are thousands of Jewish Australians in Israel right now,” she said.

Ms O’Neil said the government was doing all it could to keep Australians caught up in the fighting safe.

“This is a brutal act of terrorism that was unprovoked and unnecessary. Australians are going to be harmed by this and … we’re working very hard to make sure we protect Australians not just overseas but at home,” she said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong said the government was assessing “all options” for Australians wanting to leave.

Commercial airlines have cut or cancelled flights out of Israel, prompting calls for the government to organise special evacuation flights.

Ms O’Neil said the government was “looking at all the options at the moment”.

“We’ll do whatever is necessary to make sure that we can secure the safety of Australians,” she said.

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