An Aussie has been praised for his generous act at a Sydney mosque, which moved some to tears, amid the Israel-Hamas war.

In a heartfelt TikTok video, Ben Lebsanft, who co-owns Kurrajong Kitchen with his wife, is thanked by a member of Lakemba Mosque, in Sydney’s southwest, after handing him a bouquet of flowers and a card from his family.

“There are still good people on this Earth that care,” TikTok user ‘the Muslim undertaker’ captioned the video, which has amassed over 100,000 views since it was posted on Monday.

“It shows that humanity is all around the table, we all bleed, we all have kids, we all have mothers and fathers … we’ve all got compassion,” he said in the video.

“As long as there’s still good people like you out there, we know there’s still hope in the world.”

Another man filming the video also thanked Mr Lebsanft, adding that it was good to see “people that truly do care and you don’t actually have to be a Muslim to care about what’s happening around the world”.

When asked why he made the over-two-hour-drive from Hawkesbury to Lakemba to give the gift, Mr Lebsanft said it came down to “kindness, and things that matter in life and people”.

An accompanying card from Mr Lebsanft’s family read: “Kindness and things that truly matter.”

Mr Lebsanft added he planned to return and visit the mosque, which is Australia’s largest, at a later date.

People were quick to praise Mr Lebsanft in the comments, with some sharing the “beautiful” gesture moved them to tears.

“That’s so beautiful of him to give those flowers,” one person wrote alongside a crying face and heart emoji.

“This made me cry sooo beautiful,” said another.

“This guy is a deadset Aussie legend with a heart of gold,” wrote another.

It comes after Gaza Ministry of Health reported 5,087 Palestinians have been killed since Hamas launched their surprise attack on Israel on October 7.

Women and children make up more than 62 per cent of the fatalities, while more than 15,273 people have been injured.

In Israel, over 1,400 people have been killed and 222 have been taken hostage by Hamas.

Thousands of others have expressed their support for Palestine in protests across the country over the weekend.

In Sydney, protest organiser Fahad Ali told reporters the government “needs to immediately call for a ceasefire on Gaza. It needs to call for de-escalation”.

“It needs to call for the protection of civilians (and) allowing humanitarian corridors to be established,” he said.

“We can’t pick one group of victims to sympathise with over the other.”

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