Some experts have suggested a four-day work week may become the norm in Australia.

The new form of working, known as the 100:80:100 model, allows employees to keep 100 per cent of their pay while working 80 per cent of the hours — as long as they maintain 100 per cent of their productivity.

Trials of the initiative in countries such as Iceland and the UK have been labelled a “resounding success”, with reported benefits including reduced employee burnout, increased productivity and greater talent attraction in a tight labour market.

And 100:80:100 isn’t the only model. Other organisations allow staff to work shorter weeks for a pay cut, or offer standard 40-hour weeks condensed over four days.

Just over one-third of Australian companies expect to transition to a four-day week within the next five years. Here are some of the Aussie organisations that already offer a four-day week in some form.


Just this week, private health insurer Medibank announced it will offer a six-month trial of the four-day work week to 250 of its employees.

The insurer’s trial was designed by 4 Day Week Global, a leader in the movement, and will be monitored by Macquarie University’s Health and Wellbeing Research Unit.

Medibank’s experiment is based on the 100:80:100 model, offering 100 per cent of employees’ salaries while asking them to work 80 per cent of their former hours.

“There are lots of pressures out there right now, whether it’s cost of living or people managing their work and home commitments,” Medibank People, Spaces and Sustainability Group lead Kylie Bishop said.

“We’re constantly thinking about how we can help balance that for our people and invest in their health and wellbeing to help prevent issues like burnout.”


Earlier this year, Bunnings signed an agreement with the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association (SDA) for a four-day work week trial.

The iconic hardware retailer’s 40,000 employees will now have the option to work a standard 40-hour week condensed into four days.

“These are advances the SDA will be pursuing in upcoming rounds of negotiation with other major retailers,” said SDA national secretary Gerard Dwyer.

“This package is good for workers and for this major retailer alike, setting Bunnings up as a preferred employer in a tight retail market.”

EES Shipping

EES Shipping, a medium-sized logistics company based in Perth, decided to trial a four-day work week in July 2022 as supply chains around the world faltered. As of June this year, its shorter week was still in action.

“(In 2022), we were starting to see cracks within the industry,” managing director Brian Hack told Swinburne University of EES Shipping’s decision to implement a four-day work week.

“People were burning out, truck drivers were just walking out the door, and I really didn’t want to see that happen here.”

Our Community

Melbourne-based software business Our Community, which provides training and technical assistance to not-for-profits and social enterprises, first adopted a four-day work week in mid-2022.

Managing director Denis Moriarity said the initiative was so successful it was instated permanently after a six-month trial.

“I can’t even think of a downside,” he told the ABC.

“We are now an employer of choice.

“We’ve reduced turnover and have 37 per cent less sick leave …

“I can proudly say we are more prosperous and our employees are more prosperous.”

Your Creative

This Brunswick design agency also adopted a four-day work week after a successful trial that began in August last year.

Client and operations director Liz Indrans said the company saw instant improvements in staff morale and productivity.

“I can’t imagine going back,” she told the ABC.

“When we started we thought there would be teething issues, there were a few but not as many as we expected.”


Cliniko, a healthcare software company, has instituted a 30-hour work week that can be tailored to suit employees’ needs.

The software provider hires people from around the world but is based in Melbourne. It’s currently hiring a software developer to work hybrid-remote from the city.


This agency provides digital marketing consultation to small businesses and has implemented a four-day work week along the 100:80:100 model. The business also offers remote work and unlimited paid time off.


Versa, a digital transformation agency, also offers a four-day work week along the 100:80:100 model. A trial of the initiative was made permanent in 2019.

Versa’s staff take a day off on Wednesday, dubbed “Versa Day”, but it’s only available if the team has been productive and reached its targets for the week or fortnight.

Usability Hub

Usability Hub, a remote user research platform, allows staff to work a four, four-and-a-half or five-day week, so long as they take a salary cut proportionate to the number of hours they work.

Music Health

Music Health is the company behind Vera, a music wellness tool that aims to improve the health of the elderly. The company offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary.

Most of the Music Health team takes Fridays off, though five days’ work may be needed during busier weeks.


Raisely, an online fundraising platform, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary. The perk only becomes available after an employee’s three-month probation period is over.


This website feedback provider and bug tracker offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary. The company is headquartered in Melbourne and allows staff to work from home, from the office or from a mix of the two.


InDebted, a “new kind of debt collection agency”, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary.

The company claims to “change the experience of being in debt, by creating a better way for businesses to support people who fall behind across all types of unsecured consumer credit.”

It says its product, Collect, delivers up to 40 per cent increased recovery performance.


Symbiote, a website and app builder, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary. The company says its staff can work their 32 hours flexibly, at any time that suits them between 7am and 7pm.


Lookahead, a technical recruitment firm, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary. The Sydney-based organisation also offers five weeks of annual leave, rising to six weeks after a period of service.


Truii, a Brisbane-based tech and consulting company, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary. The team takes Mondays off each week.

Geomotion Australia

Geomotion Australia installs and monitors structural, environmental and geotechnical instrumentation for assets in civil engineering, mining, railway and road infrastructures. It offers a four-day work week at 80 per cent salary, as well as other forms of flexible working that can be negotiated.

Things for Humans

Things For Humans, the Melbourne video game studio behind PC and Switch game Video World, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary. The company is currently working on a follow up game, called A Halloween Valentine’s.

The Walk Agency

The Walk Agency, a marketing agency, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary.

House of Brand

House of Brand, a B Corp certified brand consultancy, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary, with the team taking Fridays off. Employees are also offered a paid sabbatical after four years with the company.

Tractor Ventures

Tractor Ventures, a strategic financer for tech companies, offers a four-day work week at 100 per cent salary. The company switched to a four day work week in 2022.


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