A man has woken up to the shock of a lifetime after a whopping $105,000 was deposited into his bank account, sent to him by a mystery donor.

The Sydneysider, who banks with HSBC, came across the huge balance-booster after randomly checking the banking app attached to his Visa Platinum account last week.

He reported the mysterious transaction to HSBC through their live chat function — though he admitted he was initially tempted to keep the “life-changing” amount.

“It was pretty tempting to do something dodgy, I’m not going to lie. But a quick Google search saying it’s a crime was enough for me,” he told Yahoo News.

“I brought myself back to reality that this is too good to be true and I won’t be keeping that money.”

The man said, at first glance, he thought he’d been hacked and lost $105,000 before a second look made him realise it was, bizarrely, “actually the reverse”.

Screenshots of his conversations with an HSBC representative showed him informing the bank of the error. The rep said the transaction sounded “worrying” and assured HSBC would look into it.

He then received an email from Tim Mozsny, Head of Mortgage Services at HSBC Australia, who informed him the payment “dispute” would be resolved.

It is understood the money was credited to the account from an rogue cashback charge.

The man, who declined to be named, said the $105,000 deposit was reversed by the bank on Monday.

But then came the second surprise — a $100 credit, which he assumes was left by the party that made the hundred-thousand-dollar mistake as a thank you.

The man said the bizarre scenario was a minor inconvenience as he liaised with the bank to have it sorted out. but it at least left him with a good story to tell.

He posted the bizarre scenario to an Australian Reddit forum that discusses financial matters, adding the caption: “Woke up to $100k transferred into my bank account.”

“It was a blissful and magnificent feeling to suddenly have $100k+ in your bank account but overall quite annoying, would not recommend,” he wrote.

“It wasn’t too much time spent reversing this, the bank having its own chat channel is quite handy,” he told Yahoo.

“The annoying bit was being unable to use my card and being responsible for someone’s error.

“I’m surprised at how easy it is to transfer $100k. Good to know it’s also easy to reverse the transaction though.”

An HSBC spokesperson said the bank could not comment on individual account matters due to client confidentiality.

“If customers believe an error has been made in regards to their accounts, we ask them to contact our dedicated customer service team,” the spokesperson said.

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