The moment four missing Australian surfers were found alive 36 hours after their boat capsized in Indonesian waters has been captured on video.

The group went missing on Sunday night while travelling from Indonesia’s remote Pinang Island when their charter vessel failed to return home after running into bad weather.

Elliott Foote, Steph Weiss, Jordan Short and Will Teagle, all from NSW, were travelling from the island as a part of a birthday surfing trip with eight others.

A desperate search was launched in the wake of their disappearance, with the four surfers left in the water for 36 hours before they were picked up on Tuesday morning.

The group are seen in the footage waiting on surfboards, cheering as their rescue boat comes closer.

Not seen in the video was Mr Foote, who had swum off to paddle to land and was later found 5km away from the group.

He was later pictured drinking a beer just hours after his miraculous rescue was confirmed.

Mr Foote’s father Peter revealed he recieved a text message from his son assuring him that he was alive and well.

Hey Dad, Elliot here. I am alive, safe now, love you. Chat later,” Mr Foote texted his father on another person’s phone.

Peter praised the work of search and rescue crews, including an Australian catamaran owner who lives in the area and aided in the search.

He told Nine News the man had correctly guessed where the group would end up based on tidal patterns.

The father went so far as to say the man, who has not been identified, “knew more than the locals” about the area.

Peter also revealed his son’s next move.

“Elliot will make his way back to the island, they (the group) will regroup and get healthy and probably have a great night tonight,” he said.

“It is going to be a long, long day for them.

“I don’t know how long their supplies are going to last for.”

Peter said the surfing community had “come together” to aid in the desperate search.

The four surfers went on a seperate wooden longboat from the rest of their group to travel from Banyak Island when they ran into trouble with the weather.

The boat carrying their eight other friends took refuge on Sarang Alu, an island on the way to Pinang Island.


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