A fed-up social media user has shared a blunt note with his neighbours after repeated issues with a child continuously throwing stuff in their yard.

Twitter user @javelinface took to the social media app, which is being rebranded as X, to share a photo of a note after their neighbours’ child’s antics.

“Neighbour’s kids keep throwing stuff over the fence. Balls. Toy cars. Shoes. Bottles. Rubbish. Keys,” the social media user said.

“Today, they have throw a ball over and smashed our side light. I was pretty darn close to sending the ball back over with a knife sticking in it. Instead they get a note.”

The note informed the parents that their child had smashed their side light and, after returning the ball, it would be the last time he returns any items over the fence.

He claimed that the parents try to explain away the issues about the child being newly diagnosed with ADHD.

“I’d like to empathise, but I was extremely ADHD as a child, and still knew boundaries,” he said.

“By being ADHD myself, I am empathising less.”

Several social media users sympathised with the original poster.

“This is a much nicer note than I would have left that’s for sure. They also wouldn’t be getting any of their s**t back,” one social media user said.

Another added, “Our neighbours kids have damaged our fence twice kicking their footballs. They are old enough to know better (10+years) yet they continue to climb over our fence to their balls when we’re not there.”

A third said, “Totally sympathise. Our neighbours’ kid constantly kicks his ball, sometimes two or three in our garden every day. We chuck it back and it’s over again 10 minutes later. The dad’s an a**e so there’s no getting through to them. The knife is a tempting solution.”


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