The 13th edition of the ODI World Cup reached its pinnacle in Ahmedabad as Australia clinched its sixth title with a convincing six-wicket victory over hosts India at the Narendra Modi Stadium in front of nearly 100,000 people.

Travis Head’s remarkable 137 and a half-century from Marnus Labuschagne propelled the Aussies from a concerning 3/47 to chase down a modest 241 with seven overs to spare.

But enough about the cricket game, let’s talk prize money.

Each of the 10 teams battled not only for glory but substantial earnings as well.

Australia secured a staggering $6.08 million winner’s cheque, while India earned $3.04 million as runner-up.

The two losing semi-finalists, New Zealand and South Africa, claimed an assured prize of $1,216,000 and the six teams eliminated early secured $152,000 each

And those monster hauls didn’t include what they were paid for their wins in the group stage.

Each group stage win netted a team $60,800.

Australia, with seven victories, earned an extra $425,600, bringing their total to a whopping $6,505,600.

India, undefeated in all nine round-robin matches, accumulated $547,200 in addition to their $3.04 million runners-up prize.

Here’s a breakdown of the top four teams’ earnings from the 2023 ICC World Cup:

1. Australia:

Prize Money: $6.08 million

Wins during league stage: $425,600 (7 wins)

Total: $6,505,600

2. India:

Prize Money: $3.04 million

Wins during league stage: $547,200 (9 wins)

Total: $3,587,200

3. South Africa:

Prize Money: $1,216,000

Wins during league stage: $425,600 (7 wins)

Total: $1,641,600

4. New Zealand:

Prize Money: $1,216,000

Wins during league stage: $ 304,000 (5 wins)

Total: $1,520,000

As the dust settles on the 2023 ICC World Cup, the top four teams — Australia, India, South Africa, and New Zealand — collectively amassed a staggering $13,254,400 in prize money.

That’s enough to give the reported 92,453 attendees inside Narendra Modi Stadium roughly $143 each!


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