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How to SEO Your Social Media Accounts 2021

by Sharon Butcher

Are you looking for how to use social media in your content strategy to improve SEO and Google search rankings?  Do you want to boost your SEO campaign using social media?

Improving your SEO strategy is vital because it increases your search visibility and Google ranking.  But fierce competition makes appearing on search results a challenge, mainly since more content gets published daily.

SEO is used mainly for improving your search engine results, but it also does not mean that you cannot use what you have experienced for social media. Take these tips and shift your Instagram presence to the first location the user can contact you.


Instagram is a marketing channel in 2019 that would undeniably be sustainable. More than 1 billion active monthly users have reportedly been hit by Instagram, meaning that it is now more successful than social networking giants such as Twitters or LinkedIn.

There are a lot of users waiting to see your stuff. But how do you access and build possibilities for all those consumers to interact with your brand?

I wonder what you think: can I still use the same SEO strategies as I use to refine social media application websites?

You may, fortunately. The trick is to use what you already know about SEO to accelerate organic growth into your Instagram account rather than insert Instagram in your current SEO plan. Instagram is a search engine of its own. The platform has embedded search features that serve as a mini-Google of its own.


How to Optimise your Instagram and other Social Media pages

The first approach to increase your scope is to optimize your Instagram profile. If your profile is not designed for the optimal user experience, driving traffic to your Instagram account would not be of value in the long term.

Few tips to optimize your Instagram profile are available here:

  • Set your Profile to Public
  • Select a vibrant, visually ascetic profile picture
  • Create a memorable catchy @Username
  • Create a company name that is easily searchable
  • Apply for a “blue tick” Instagram official business account
  • Place a link in your bio
  • Post your other social links in your bio

These steps can sound like no brainer, but before making any other SEO improvements, it is necessary to lay the foundation. You will switch to more advanced optimization measures after you have addressed these fundamentals.


Adopt Main Keywords into @Username

As previously reported, Instagram is its own search engine. You must function inside the app itself to find the desired top-of-search placement in order to display right words in the search bar.  Use the same primary keywords that you would use in your titles in your meta-titles and descriptions for your articles and blogs to optimize effectively for search engines and SEO.

In the beginning, the primary keywords needs to be identified. As an explanation for that, we’ll use a bakery. If an Instagram user needs to fill up their baked goods feed, they’re definitely going to search for the ‘bakery’ keyword. You are more likely to appear in search results for proposed accounts if you include this keyword in your show name and @Username. In all cases, you can use the main keyword to maximize the probability that the algorithm is taken.



Use Other keyword In Your Bio

Now that your main keyword has been taken care of, it’s time to make the best out of your secondary keywords. The phrases and subjects that accompany your main keyword constitute secondary keywords.

For example, if your main keyword is ‘bakery,’ so you can use your secondary keywords such as ‘cake design’

Secondary keywords are ideal for users who do not seek your keyword but still have a curiosity in your product. If a person wants to bake a good recipes, a good @username and bio would probably pursue them if they find them in their quest, since this is always the purpose of the customer.

As keywords, reattach the hashtags.
It is time to optimize your posts until your profile has been optimized. This is a continual phase involving careful consideration. Many people won’t search specifically for you. You’ll typically find yourself on a certain article with a hashtag.

That’s why any one of your Instagram posts should have a plan for a hashtag. These hashtags should be used as secondary keywords. Included in two hashtags your own brand name #socialpilates – #pilatesforbeginners. However, the other two hashtags are for this illustration in particular. Increasing their chances of drawing a broader, more varied audience, individuals looking for words related to Pilates, and others looking for #pilatesforbeginners, by using a number of post-specific hashtags.

This gives people a greater opportunity to find you than if you used the same 5 hashtags on each message – variation and relevance are the secret.


Use keywords for your image captions

Prior to this, Instagram is a search engine that is self-contained, so every aspect of the Instagram experience is based on keywords. The creation of an attractive, entertaining title is vital if new followers want to please current followers.

The right title will do more than draw the interest of a customer – it can even help you view search results. Just as with secondary keywords you streamlined your organic and hashtags, so do your Instagram title. It helps to build a full image of Instagram’s algorithm and advises them to be strong on their quest.

Benefit from Instagram alt text

Instagram alt text is a new functionality that helps users to write images.

This feature has been developed to make Instagram users with a visually disabled feel free to use it for SEO. If you miss this stage Instagram will automatically fill out alt text options for your images, so it is best to make sure that the title is what the picture actually contains.

Click on the “Advanced settings” tab below to access your alt text options to the screen right before sharing your photo. Scroll down and pick the “Write your alt text” option once you have done that. The best picture definition can be created from here.

Common Mistakes to avoid when boosting your profile:

Do not plagiarize content
Do not use bots
Avoid keyword stuffing (one keyword at a time is best)
Don’t attempt to follow too many accounts too quickly
Do NOT buy followers!


SEO is a long-term approach and it can be difficult when you don’t really see success. It can sound too good to be attracted when using the fast remedy to witness an increase in the followers or organic spread, but it can be catastrophic if you get trapped. You should stop these tactics at no cost if you want to build your Instagram account correctly.



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