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The Most Popular Tattoo Trends of 2021

by Sharon Butcher

Nowadays, most people deem getting a tattoo to be a no-brainer. After all, any ink can be a fantastic way to show yourself. Although deciding to go under the needle is easy, determining what to get tattooed on your body and where to get it done is more complicated. To stop regretting your tattoo in ten years, approach the procedure with caution. To assist you in this endeavor, we have created this definitive guide chock-full of advice about how to choose the best tattoos for you.

Each year brings a slew of new patterns that will inevitably affect the aesthetic decisions we make in the coming year. Although it’s unrealistic to expect 2021 tattoo trends to determine any  body art decision taken in the coming year, there’s no risk in planning ahead. For those who are averse to fads will find inspiration in the 2021 tattoo trendscape. At the very least, browsing through some seriously beautiful body art on Instagram isn’t a bad way to pass the time.

Any of the same motifs and patterns that have been prominent in recent years (think symbols and minimalistic art) will continue to be popular, according to many artists, but they will be accompanied by some new — and perhaps unexpected — trends in both placement and design. If you’re considering getting some new body art in 2021, or if you’re still on the fence and just want some inspiration for your Pinterest wall, here are some of the tattoo patterns that experts predict will be famous. One thing is certain is just because a tattoo is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be intricate.


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Minimalist and Micro Designs

Another 2020 ink pattern  which is popular among celebrities, that will last into 2021 is the minimalist design. Minimal tattoos are still common.  Minimal tattoos can be of any size really, but micro minimal tatts are like tiny wee accessories that you can collect and dress up or dress down, that these little patterns can be plain yet profound.  Line sketches of a people, animal, or entity leave any particulars to the observer’s imagination.  If you want to take the minimalist concept a little further, get a clear line or series of lines.


Big Statement Pieces

At the opposite end come larger-scale tattoos are becoming more prevalent, and is the polar opposite of micro tattoos, one of 2021’s most prominent trends.  People believe that they don’t have anything to lose, so why not “go big or go home?  People are beginning to map out very big pieces rather than having many tiny, sporadic tattoos (which is still a fantastic look).  Even if you’re not a fan of large-scale body painting, you can create the same result by planning similar pieces or collaborating with different artists with complementary styles.


Hand-Poke Work

Hand-poke tattooing, also known as stick-and-poke tattooing, is becoming more common. The stick-and-poke tattoo has long been a fan favorite, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Hand-poke artists will continue to be popular. These patterns are implemented freehand using a nonelectric needle and ink.



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Literary Passages, Poems, and Quotes

People have still had tattoos with words and names on them like “Love,” “Mum,” or the name of a loved one.  People are now using a broader range of vocabulary, sentences, and even lengthy passages.  Ink tattoos of inspirational quotes, lines from books or poems, and personal phrases are becoming more popular.  Inscribing your beloved quotations and slogans to your body serves as a daily reminder of what matters most about your life.


The Coverup

Many of us have got tattoos that we no longer like the look of, maybe they haven’t aged well, or are no longer relevant.  One thing is certain is that the year of the cover-up is expected to be 2021. Lockdown has given people a lot of time to reflect about themselves and consider what they don’t like about themselves and what they would like to change. Why delay when time is short and conditions will change at any time?


In Touch Nature

Ink designs inspired by nature and the outdoors are expected to be common in 2021. After a year of lockdown and little travel, many people may be experiencing a new love and passion for the outdoors, which they now want to show on their bodies. Plants, creatures, and celestial references are examples of nature-inspired tattoo styles. Floral tattoos aren’t going anywhere. The beautiful and organic nature of wildflower tattoos appeals to the majority of people, and it’s something you’ll never forget if done correctly. Flowers, including memories of loved ones, can hold a lot of meaning for people.


Getting Your Tattoo Removed

When people have tattoos, they sometimes do some editing, such as cover-ups and portrait additions, for a while. Some people, though, come to regret their tattoos because they didn’t have much of a choice at the time. Fortunately, in these modern times, there is a solution for about anything, but don’t worry if you’re thinking about removing one of yours!

In the past, it would have been very difficult to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. We’re at a loss for words! Laser Tattoo Removal is probably the most common and widely discussed method of removing a tattoo these days.

Tattooing is not a new practice; in reality, it dates back over 5,000 years. Tattooing has long been used in many countries to indicate social status, and it was often used to tattoo or brand slaves and trafficking victims so that their slave owners could distinguish them. It’s also been used to display political and religious influence. While modern laser tattoo removal is a new and groundbreaking technique, tattoo removal dates back to the roots of tattoos in other forms. In contemporary days, these activities may be considered immoral, and thankfully, they no longer exist.


All of the above are just some of the most common tattoo trends patterns right now. When selecting a tattoo for yourself though, you must know what is best for you. Your tattoo’s style and location should reflect your distinct personality as well as your way of life.

Note that a tattoo is a lifetime undertaking, so pick your style carefully!


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