A Bondi Rescue lifeguard has shared a touching post featuring a boy whose life he saved when he was just eight weeks old.

Anthony Caroll, also known as Harries, finished his shift at Bondi Beach when a screaming man caught his attention to alert him to a “dead” baby on the road.

Harries rushed into action, grabbing a defibrillator kit and called for backup as he realised the stakes of the situation.

“The baby showed no signs of life, it was not breathing,” Harries said in a piece-to-camera from the show.

It was first believed the baby, named Magnes, had fallen and his head. His distressed parents were screaming and sobbing as Harrie worked to resuscitate him.

The lifeguard had determination, saying he had taken part in saving the lives of 70 people on that very stretch of beach — some of whom had been brought back from being clinically dead.

“It comes down to this one moment,” he said.

Magnes was then put on a ventilation mask and bag as manual CPR proved too difficult.

Then a miracle happened and baby Magnes started to cry. He had first been classified as clinically dead as there were no signs of life.

The paramedics arrived, taking over the care

After a full recovery, Magnes’ parents brought him to the Bondi Lifeguard Tower to thank Harries for his quick thinking.

The lifeguard, who broke down in tears after saving the young boy, was over the moon to see Magnes doing so well.

Harries took to Instagram to share the sweet moment between himself and the family.

“This is pretty much the greatest day of my lifeguarding career to have this little boy in the tower with me,” Harries said in the clip.

“This is my dream to do this or you guys, it’s the best thing I have ever done in my career.”

He also explained the cost of medical bills had been extremely hard on the family, and vowed to do anything he could to help the family and “beautiful child”.


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