A single mother has been left shaken after finding something in her rental that made her question her family’s safety.

The Brisbane mum, who had been struggling to find a place to live during the rental crisis, said she felt “sick” after hidden internal security cameras were discovered in her rental property.

Speaking to 7 News, she said she saw the lights on one camera flicker when she was walking through the home in her underwear.

That was when she made the discovery of a small camera in the corner of the room.

“It actually made me feel really sick,” the woman told 7 News.

“We don’t know who’s watching.

“Even if we cover the cameras we don’t know who can hear us.”

The advertisement for the property listed a full video camera system in the inclusions, but didn’t warn her about the cameras inside.

However, her real estate agent assured her the cameras weren’t connected to anything.

Police reportedly seized a hard drive from the home but no further action has happened, the woman said.

Speaking to 7 News Tim O’Dwyer, a property lawyer, said the cameras could be illegal, and that the situation was “very abnormal.”

The real estate agent said the home’s owner has now agreed to remove the cameras, but the woman has moved out and is in desperate search of somewhere else to live.

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