The cut-out trend is clearly here to stay. But despite proving very popular, the daring style has sparked “concern” among some – and women have finally had enough.

Cut-outs first emerged nearly 30 years ago during Tom Ford’s “iconic” Gucci fall/winter show in 1996 with dresses featuring a “peek-a-boo” neckline.

Fast-forward a few decades, cut-outs have become much sexier and are commonplace in wardrobes around the world.

But the rise of the cut-out has attracted a lot of attention, with many celebrities who love the style copping a barrage of questions around the so-called “risky” outfit choice.

Australian reality star turned podcast host Brittany Hockley clapped back after being accused of “risking a wardrobe malfunction” at the ACRAs on Saturday while wearing a stunning silver gown featuring two cut-outs.

The 36-year-old wore the “Pisa Dress” from Australian designer Sonya Moda which has a cut-out across the bust and a second one that shows off the midriff.

The former Bachelor contestant, who co-hosts Life Uncut alongside Laura Byrne, said she felt “beautiful” in her gown and had no qualms about wearing the “revealing” $395 outfit.

She did, however, stress she was fed-up of the unwanted attention women receive when “showing any amount of skin, even in a floor length gown”.

“Honestly, I appreciate the concern and I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seat but there were no malfunctions and these bad boys were well and truly taped in,” she wrote on Instagram on Sunday.

Fans of the star – who also hosts a weekday radio show on KIIS FM – were quick to commend Hockley, declaring: “Wear whatever the heck you want.”

“Congrats Brit and looking stunning. Perfect and classy dress,” one wrote.

“People can be so tough behind a keyboard. You looked phenomenal,” another agreed.

As one remarked, “It’s not even that revealing,” prompting Hockley to respond: “Exactly.”

“Risked it for the biscuit and won!” another follower declared.

“Stunning! And hard working, get it girrrl,” someone else stated.

Hockley is the latest in a long-line of famous women who have copped heat for wearing a cut-out gown in recent years.

Kim Kardashian rocked thatdaring Thierry Mugler gown in February 2019, and social media exploded with people weighing in on the outfit.

Some labelled it “an accident waiting to happen”, as others described it as showing “too much”.

Kendall Jenner also copped it for wearing a black cut-out gown to her friend’s wedding in November 2021.

The backlash came hard and fast, with some going as far as to state the dress was “blatantly disrespectful” due to its flesh-flashing nature.

Despite the controversies, cut-outs have become a firm fashion favourite, with the former runway design now a mainstream garment.

Not only do cut-outs feature in a slew of every day dresses, swimwear has also adopted the sexy slash as well as the bridal industry.


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