Shane Warne’s daughter, Brooke Warne, and her long-term boyfriend, Alex Heath, have been spotted looking incredibly relatable.

The pair were seen wandering around the Melbourne suburb of Brighton, looking like the epitome of a long term couple in the comfortable stage of a relationship.

If you are unfamiliar with Brighton, it is land that Bec Judd rules and it is known for having swanky cafes and gorgeous beaches.

Warne and Heath were both wearing sweats and rocking the slides and sock combination, which anyone who has lived in an apartment and had to take their dog out to pee first thing in the morning is far too familiar with.

It was relaxed long-term couple goals.

Warne, 24, is the eldest daughter of the late and great Shane Warne.

After the cricket star’s untimely and tragic death in 2022, Brooke and her two siblings, Summer and Jackson, inherited 31 per cent of their dad’s $20.7 million fortune.

The 24-year-old is pretty tight-lipped about her current relationship. However, she has called Heath her “forever Valentine” on Instagram, which is pretty official in Gen Z land.

Outside of her relationship, she is a budding fashion influencer and has amassed over 60,000 on Instagram and more than 24,000 followers on TikTok.

She’s also just revealed that she’ll play a key role in Melbourne’s upcoming Fashion Week as an apprentice for the event’s official hair partner, Redken.

Warne told the Herald Sunthat she is very much looking forward to the opportunity because, despite her celebrity-filled upbringing, including that brief period where her dad dated fashion Elizabeth Hurley, she’s never “been” before and is very “excited.”

The young influencer also shared that she understands how hair can make or break any outfit.

“Hair is such a big thing for an outfit. I’m pretty good with makeup and fashion, but I need some help,” she shared.

Outside of this whole apprentice business, she is concentrating on her influencer career. She’ll post TikToks of her cooking dinner, getting skin treatments, attending events, and trying on clothes.

When I talk about events, I don’t mean heading down to the local pub to celebrate someone’s 21st – she’s off to attend fashion launches.

The label “digital creator” is included in her Instagram bio, along with a link where her followers can buy all the clothes and products Brooke has been personally loving.

She’s turning her life into content, and it is working out for her.

The young creator explained to Stellar that her content doesn’t always work, but the bulk of it clearly resonates considering the following she’s gaining.

“Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I want people to see that side of me, and that I’m my own person, and I’m really enjoying making my name for myself,” she said.

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