It’s no secret the dating game is rough, but one woman has revealed one man took bad dates to an entirely new level.

Vanessa, from Canada, had been talking to a man on the dating app Hinge for a few weeks and things seemed to be going well.

So, she agreed to a dinner date and the man sent her the address for the restaurant.

“I didn’t even question it, I just showed up to the address and it was a McDonald’s,” she said.

“So stay safe out there.”

She joked that at least she got a free Diet Coke out of the experience.

Many asked if he at least paid for her food when the pair met at the Macca’s for the first time.

Social media users exploded in response to the clip, with some sharing their own similar experiences.

“I’ve got bad news. I’m almost 50. I’m single and on dating apps. It doesn’t get any better,” one commented.

Another said: “I met a guy in my apartment building and asked me if I wanted to grab coffee at the lobby sometime. I thought it was a cute coffee shop. Nope, he meant the apartment lobby.”

“My mum overheard this and has been cackling lmfao. Said it’s something that would happen to me and her. She’s not wrong,” another said.

Another social media user said: “When people ask me why I’m not on the apps, I’m showing them this video.”

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you meet someone, it’s the thought. If they are tricking you, that says a lot about the person,” one added.

One commented: “That’s better than I got once. I got catfished with old photos, met him and got a high five.”

“That about sums it up on the dating field,” another social media user said.


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