A Sydney family has been left heartbroken after their new puppy was allegedly stolen from a transport van while the driver slept.

Cavoodle puppy Jewel was allegedly stolen from the trailer of a DogMovers Pet Transport van parked at the Barney St entrance of the Armidale Jockey Club sometime between 1am and 7am on Sunday.

The driver had pulled over at the club to get some sleep on the long journey to Sydney when the alleged theft occurred.

Photographs of the puppy show his blue-gray eyes and curly brown coat – both highly-coveted features of the expensive breed.

Cavoodles cost up to $2,500 on Gumtree.

The puppy’s devastated owner Emma Francisco said she received a phone call from the transport company at 8.45am on Sunday and said she has been an “absolute wreck”.

The transport company had made a report to the police 10 minutes before they called Francisco.

“She was going to be a part of our family, and our children were very much looking forward to her arrival, and we are all very, very, very heartbroken,” Ms Francisco told 7NEWS.com.au.

She said she has “barely slept” as she scrolls through social media constantly hoping someone has information about her stolen pup.

“My husband didn’t even go to work yesterday because I’ve been an absolute wreck,” she said.

Arthur & Co Pet Detectives have been employed by the owners to help locate their puppy, with the company sharing an alert to their 61,000 Facebook followers.

“The focus is solely on the welfare and whereabouts of this innocent puppy and getting her home to the loving family that are eagerly awaiting her arrival,” the post said.

A $2,000 cash reward has been offered up by the family to anyone who can share helpful information that leads to the safe return of their puppy.

“While this puppy was last known to be in the Armidale (NSW) area, she could be anywhere in Australia by now,” the post said.

The detectives have retrieved CCTV vision from near the club and are currently reviewing it in the hopes of finding any clues relating to the dog’s disappearance.

Arthur & Co. are also assisting police with their investigation.

They are urging anyone with information to make an anonymous tip-off to 0406 834 001.

Arthur & Co Pet Detectives have been contacted for comment.

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