Wildlife authorities have launched an emergency response to try to save dozens of whales that have stranded themselves on an Australian beach.

A large pod of pilot whales has been washing ashore on Tuesday afternoon at Western Australia’s Cheynes beach, 60km east of Albany.

Video of the whales washed up on the beach shows nearly 70 of the animals being pushed onto the sand as they struggle against the waves.

Authorities can be seen checking on the whales to see whether they’re healthy.

With a rescue effort under way, authorities have asked the public to keep their distance from the whales despite their desire to help, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions said.

“We understand the public’s concern at this time and appreciate the offers of support from volunteers,” a DBCA spokesperson said.

“However, the safety of the public and the whales is our main priority, so we ask that members of the public do not approach the beach.”

The animals were spotted close to shore on Monday evening, with videos going viral of their unusual behaviour.


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