A woman has found herself at the centre of a social media storm – but not for a reason you may expect.

Amanda Knox, who was acquitted in the murder of former roommate Meredith Kercher by the Italian supreme court in 2015, has amassed a large social media following in the years since regaining her freedom where she often discusses her opinions on law reforms and the wrongfully convicted.

But the mum-of-one, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Christopher Robinson, recently opened up about the couple’s sleeping arrangements – and it’s fair to say, people were gobsmacked.

“You’ve been doing it wrong. The correct way to sleep with your partner is to swap sides of the of bed each night,” she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Better for your body, especially if you spoon, as you’ll be laying on opposite shoulders each night, and better for your mattress to vary the indent pattern.”

Typically, those who share a bed tend to have a preferred side, with your personal preference coming down to personality type and how our brains are wired, psychologists state.

Which is why, when someone publicly reveals they go against the grain by swapping sides regularly, it often fires up a fierce debate – as Ms Knox has quickly discovered.

Many were baffled the couple “move” their stuff every night, as others called the revelation “madness”.

“Great suggestion. Wife is downstairs. I’m going to fall asleep on her side of the bed tonight. Let’s see how this goes,” one person replied.

“When my wife asks me why I pushed her out of bed, I’m gonna say Amanda Knox told me to,” another joked.

As one stated: “I hate sleeping on the opposite side feels so weird and invasive when someone’s on MY side.”

Others claimed it seemed like a “lot of work”, stating that marriages go through enough turmoil as it is.

“What about the problem of bedside tables?” one asked, as another agreed, writing: “Yes, [Ms Knox] glossed right over that extremely impactful variable.”

“This sounds like chaos,” one woman declared.

“What madness,” someone else remarked.

Some even claimed switching sides guarantees a “lousy nights sleep”, but there were a few who welcomed the tip, stating they couldn’t afford to replace their terrible mattress.

Mostly though, everyone thought Ms Knox was “wild” while insisting the best way to sleep is their way.

“You’ve been doing it wrong. The correct way to sleep with your partner is as far apart as the bed will allow. Don’t even think about touching me and disturbing my slumber,” one teased.

“This is unhinged,” someone else added.

Research has revealed having a preferred side is linked to personality type, stating it is “more than just a habit”.

“People who sleep on the left side wake up in a more positive mood, calmer and feel more confident in general than people who choose to sleep on the right side,” Psychologist Aaron Surtees told Yahoo! News last year.

“People who sleep on the right, on the other hand, are believed to be grumpier and have a less positive outlook on the world.”

Practical elements also come into play, he said – on a subconscious level, people generally feel safer sleeping next to a wall instead of a window, or it might depend on the layout of your room.

“It could also be a case of your partner having a strong preference for which side of the bed they insist on sleeping and not wanting to upset them.”


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