A priest has been forced to apologise after he destroyed children’s Halloween pumpkin decorations two days in a row in an act of vandalism.

Halloween is just around the corner but the global tradition didn’t sit well with Father Jaromir Smejkal who believes it is a “satanic feast”.

Father Smejkal, from Kurdejov, a village in the Czech Republic, spotted a display of carved out pumpkins near his church and stamped all over them until they were entirely destroyed.

The children behind the carvings were devastated to discover their ruined inventions, and some were reportedly in tears.

They got to work carving new pumpkins and left them in the park, only for it to happen again the next night.

The next day, the pumpkins were found to have once again been trashed.

Shocking photos were posted to Facebook, which shows the pumpkins completely unrecognisable from their former selves.

Father Smejkal admitted to stomping on the Halloween display.

In his apology, posted on the village Facebook page, Father Smejkal said he wouldn’t have destroyed the pumpkins if he’d known they had been carefully crafted by children.

However, that was really as far as his sorry message went.

The priest is part of the Roman Catholic Church of St John the Baptist, who sees Halloween as anathema to his religion.

And he made the abundantly clear in what else he said in his so-called apology.

“Leaving the rectory on Sunday evening, I saw numerous symbols of the satanic feast of ‘Halloween’ placed in front of our sacred grounds,” he wrote.

“I acted according to my faith and duty to be a father and protector of the children entrusted to me and removed these symbols …

“But try to remember that my duty as a figure of authority and a priest is to protect children and families from hidden evil.”

He went on to say that the concept of Halloween had been conceived in a “heathen, contemporary world”.


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