Finding love isn’t just about physical attraction or having a decent personality — as a recent survey shows accents can help lift your courting game.

A survey conducted by online dating website, eHarmony has revealed what Aussies perceived as the most attractive accents.

Out of the 2000 people surveyed, the overall most popular accent was a tie between British English and French (41 per cent). The second and third overall most popular accents were Italian (32 per cent) and Irish (30 per cent).

French is seen as the most romantic (56 per cent) with Italian (41 per cent) and Spanish (16 per cent) following behind.

British English maintained its title as the most sophisticated (42 per cent) but is also seen as the most intelligent (44 per cent) and most honest accent (32 per cent).

The Irish accent was given the titles of most friendly international accent (33 per cent) and the most humorous (40 per cent), beating the Scottish (30 per cent)

The second and third overall most popular accents were Italian (32 per cent) and the Irish (30 per cent). Those with accents have an advantage with 42 per cent of respondents saying they boost attractiveness.

The majority of the respondents felt that the Aussie accent is internationally perceived as laid back and friendly (70 per cent). However, 44 per cent branded the Aussie twang as bogan, with 14 per cent considering it sophisticated and (21 per cent) exotic.

Best and worst celebrity accents

When it comes to whose voice we’d rather listen to reading off a dinner menu, Chris Hemsworth takes the top spot (44 per cent), with Sean Connery in second place (42 per cent) and Morgan Freeman bringing up the rear (39 per cent).

Celebrities whose accents would be better suited to use as torture were Kim Kardashian (42 per cent), Fran Drescher from The Nanny (38 per cent) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (24 per cent).

According to eHarmony psychologist Sharon Draper, having an accent can have an effect on your first impression.

“Accents are one of many first impression factors and, as the surveys shows, a significant proportion of the population openly admit to being enticed by foreign accents,” she said.

“Countless studies have theorised on why people are attracted to certain accents – some contributing it to our social and cultural associations (basically stereotypes that certain nationalities conjure), while linguistic experts say some languages’ rhythmical intonation are easier on the ear.”

And while the results of the survey may have some people practising an accent to boost their luck in love, Draper advises against this “risk tactic.”

“A word of friendly, but cautionary, dating advice to anyone contemplating ‘putting on’ an accent to woo someone – this is a risky tactic which could backfire and is difficult to sustain long term and may bring about trust issues far too early in a relationship for it to truly flourish,” she said.


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