NSW drivers who maintain a spotless driving record for a year from January 17 2022, will have one demerit point scrubbed from their record in a new law passed through parliament on Wednesday.

Under the trial, demerit points will be removed from mid-April 2024 onwards, with the government flagging a three-month administration period to finalise offences.

Prior to this, it took three years for a driver to remove a demerit point.

The trial applies to full-license holders only, and will not affect learner and provisional licence holders.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said the trial would “encourage drivers to do the right thing”.

“Reducing the road toll and rewarding safe driving across the state is the aim of this trial and I am pleased the parliament agreed, with bipartisan support,” he said.

“It’s time we put safety back at the centre of our road rules, not revenue raising.”

Minister for Roads, John Graham said the government would “closely watch the results” of the trial, to ensure it resulted in a “net safety benefit”.

“Under the previous government, there were almost a million demerit points on records and the road toll still rising,” he said.

“We are trying something different to encourage drivers to do the right thing and improve safety on our roads.

“We can’t expect to keep doing the same thing and get different results.”


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