Millions of Aussies will flock to polling booths across the country to cast their vote and snag a democracy sausage as the nation votes.

Barbecues are being fired up as voters head to the polls to cast their vote in the Voice referendum on Saturday.

Voting booths opened in NSW, Victoria and the ACT at 8am on Saturday, with more opening their doors in South Australia and Queensland in the last hour.

Around 9 million people will cast their vote after Australians turned out in the millions at early polling booths over the last week, according to the latest Australian Electoral Commission data.

To ensure no one leaves empty-handed, a website has been set up to map out where democracy sausages are on offer.

The Democracy Sausage website in an interactive map that shows all polling booth locations across Australia, with icons showing where sausages and cakes are available.

The website crowdsources real time data from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

On Saturday morning there were more than 650 polling booths verified as hosts of a “democracy sausage” sizzle

Voters can use the hashtag #democracysausage or send a direct message to the site to help track the availability of food.

The fun doesn’t stop on the Australian mainland though, with the map marking sizzle locations in the Solomon Islands, Germany, Japan and the United States where voters can partake in the tradition.

Expats have notified the Democracy Sausage team that barbecues are being rolled out at the The Australian Embassy in Tokyo, Berlin and Houston, Texas.

Voters have until 6pm (local time) to cast their vote before the polling booths close.


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