It is one of the hardest decisions any carb lover can make when they sit down at an Italian restaurant.

Shall we get pizza or pasta?

Well, now thanks to Domino’s, you’ll never have to make such a gruelling decision ever again.

The popular pizza chain has introduced their brand new ‘Pasta Packed Pizza’ in Australia, a divisive mash up that showcases a pizza topped with your favourite pasta dishes.

It’s been labelled a slice of “carb heaven” by excited fans, but others are not so sure about the controversial new offering.

Customers can get their hands on three different types of pasta packed pizzas, including a bolognese, chicken carbonara and a mac and cheese flavour.

“All pizza lovers know the joy of a perfectly cooked pizza, but when you add pasta to

the equation, it takes the experience to a whole new level,” said Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer, Allan Collins.

“Our Pasta Packed Pizza Range is a harmonious fusion of a fluffy Domino’s pizza

base, made fresh in store every day using 100 per cent Australian wheat, and rich, tender

al dente pasta.

“This marriage between pasta and pizza features a mix of flavours between perfectly

seasoned pasta sauces made from Australian ingredients, garlic butter and of

course, Domino’s signature stretchy mozzarella.”

There has been a flurry of mixed reactions from fans.

While some are excited to give it a try, others have called it a “monstrosity”.

“Looks delicious,” said one.

“Can’t wait to give it a go.”

“Need this in my life right now,” another wrote.

“Right up my alley.”

“A carb-lover’s dream!” one added.

Other were not so sure.

“This is so weird, why would anyone want this,” one person said.

“This is an absolute monstrosity. We have gone too far” another wrote.

“Ew! That whole thing is heinous,” one posted.

“Not keen”.

Back in May, the chain introduced a pasta topped pizza range, which is the opposite of this new offering.

Instead of using a traditional bread base, the pizza topping has been applied to a layer of pasta, to create an “unforgettable” mash-up.

It was a spin on Domino’s most popular pizza toppings, including simply cheese, firebreather and meatlovers.

Customers can get both the pizza topped pasta, and the pasta topped pizza, in stores now.


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