Celebrity dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross has opened up about injectibles, cosmetic surgery and the pursuit of looking young – saying “unnatural” work is out, and subtle improvements are in.

The New York-based dermatologic surgeon, who is behind the $709 “DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro” LED mask that went viral on TikTok, has warned of the realities of overdoing Botox and filler.

“I’m not a believer in looking unnatural,” Dr Gross – one of the leading skin experts in the world – said. “I am the injector … but I am also the one who is seen as the authority to recommend what’s right.

“I think you should [go] back your younger look, not change your look.

“I do think that people have gone overboard and a lot of the time, I blame the dermatologist, I really do. Maybe for their own personal gain, they’re recommending more be done.

“A lot of times, they [patients] are told, ‘this is what you should look like.’ And you’re creating the values that the patient then takes away.”

When done properly, Dr Gross said injectibles should result in the patient “looking like yourself, but better” – and “not putting in so many fillers that your face changes”.

“That’s when you go down the slippery slope of having too much and looking fake.”

Dr Gross operates Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology – an A-list practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side – and has an exclusive deal with Australian beauty giant Mecca, for his eponymous line of skincare.

Australia is Dr Gross’ second biggest market for his skincare line behind the United States – with products such as the Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin C + Lactic Biocellulose Brightening Treatment Mask and the Alpha Beta Universal Peel among the bestsellers at Mecca.

“We are very, very successful and very popular here,” Dr Gross said, speaking at Mecca’a Melbourne headquarters. “I think we’re really compatible for the skin type and the skin issues [in Australia].”

As for beauty trends in the US, Dr Gross said there were distinct differences between New York’s aesthetic compared to Los Angeles. “Lip fillers are big in New York, I do a lot of [them],” he said. “I think the way lips look in Los Angeles, generally speaking, are larger than in New York. And by the same token, that’s what they want. And younger people, more and more, are doing lip fillers.

“And if they truly don’t [need them], to fill their lips is something where you’re condoning what I think turns into a lifelong habit of body dysmorphism.

“To inject your lips because it’s almost become an accessory?”


Described an “advanced alternative to injectibles”, Dr Gross’ most recent skincare innovation is DermInfusions 3D Visible Fill + Repair Serum.

“It gives you that volume, that plumping, and the radiance,” he said. “Glow is something everyone wants. You can get better results from skincare products done right, than you can with injections.

“What’s true about skincare is that it’s the consistency, and the daily use, that gets the results. The reason for that is because the skin requires a daily dose of treatment. And it’s not that different to a person taking a medication for [a condition].”

With LED masks one of the most in-demand devices at Mecca, Dr Gross’s DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro also rates highly on the mega-beauty retailer’s bestseller lists, with the item often sold-out online.

A three-minute wrinkle reducing, acne-fighting LED device for the entire face, the device boasts “clinic-level results with zero downtime”. It has a combination 100 red LED and 62 blue LED lights, working to “smooth wrinkles, diminish discolouration, and treat acne”.

“Red lights penetrate deep within skin’s dermis to stimulate collagen production,” the product states.

“Blue lights destroy acne-causing bacteria to reduce redness, inflammation, and prevent future breakouts.”

As for the way beauty standards have changed given the rise in popularity of injectibles, professional facials, and at-home devices, Dr Gross reflects: “The bar has elevated and people are doing more stuff, in general, and that’s because they are able to achieve their aesthetic”.

“I think it’s about balance,” he said, “What you do at home has become more important than ever because it [skincare] a supplement to fillers and Botox. It keeps you more natural. “Building your own collagen, and plumping from healthy skin is, I think, superior to doing it artificially with injections. It should be a partner to a treatment.

“People are looking better and younger, now, in general because they’re doing something. Most people are doing something.”

Dr Dennis Gross DermInfusions 3D Visible Fill + Repair Serum is available now at Mecca. See mecca.com.au

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