If you were wondering why Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs were empty last night, the answer is because all the women had very important business to attend to.

Last night, what looked like every woman you’ve ever seen lunching at Totti’s, was crammed into the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbor.

Before you get any ideas, it wasn’t a P.E Nation’s warehouse sale, although Pip Edwards was in attendance, nor had they all found out there was a new doctor casually describing Ozempic.


They’d all stepped out to watch Jackie O Henderson interview Gwyneth Paltrow.

The event was to launch Jackie O’s new business lifestyle venture Besties with her actual bestie Gemma O’Neill.

The event was a sea of Jac + Jack blazers, Zimmerman dresses and designer handbags. As I overheard someone mutter to a friend.

“It’s all just different versions of the same woman here.”


Understandable, though, because A-lister Gwyneth, with her vagina-smelling candles, conscious uncoupling and love of luxury, is the type of aspirational that appeals to a specific demographic.

There’s nothing more Sydney than seeing a gaggle of well-dressed women doggedly lining up for white wines while a speaker insists they find their seats because the show is about to begin.

If the announcer expected a bunch of rich Millennial women to run to their seats and forgo their chance at sparkling wine, they were sorely mistaken.

Instead, no one moved, and all you could hear in response was women conspiring with their friends to double park so they wouldn’t have to line up again during the show.

Sure, the show had attracted classy women, but they’re still Australian.

One woman explained that she’d dropped everything to be here, although her young family at home seemed clueless.

“My son thinks I’m at a conference,” she mused.

Another woman explained she was excited about the show but was bemused to see her entire suburb had turned up.

“The whole of the Eastern Suburbs is here,” she remarked.

Another fan shared she’d carved out time because she’s loved Gwyneth for like ever, and she clarified even during the pixie cut years, which speaks to the unconditional love of the relationship.

One of the few men in attendance revealed that it was fine being in the minority for one efficient reason.

“There’s a short line to the men’s bathroom. I’ll tell you that for free,” he bragged in his Hermes bangle.

Two women, seamlessly dressed in matching chic suits, looked alarmed when questioned why they’d turned up.

“My fault,” one shrieked before she explained she was just a long-term fan who’d conned her mate into attending with her.

“This is my bestie,” she said

The vibes were immaculate and the place reeked of Chanel N°5.

The show was everything you’d want a conversation between two white, wealthy women to be – there was laughter, the odd dramatic pause, and a real sense of fun.

Gwyneth called starting her GOOP business a “radical act of self-belief.”

She confessed that her infamous vagina candle didn’t really smell like her vagina and instead was a “deeply feminist” statement and she described her luxury brand that sells $8000 necklaces as “mid-prestige.”

Gwyneth revealed that since the pandemic, the workers for her lifestyle brand GOOP have been reluctant to return to the office, despite the policy for them to be in three days a week.

“Obviously I’m not that f**king scary, no one comes in,” she confessed.

When Jackie O revealed one of her favourite Gwyneth films is the nineties murder/drama Seven Gwyneth didn’t miss a beat and called her a “sick f**k,” which the audience never really recovered from.

When discussing marriage, Paltrow, who has been married twice, once to Coldplay’s Chris Martin and now to writer Brad Falchuk, revealed that “second marriages can be very special.”

“I’ve already done two,” Jackie O admitted.

“Well, third then,” she amended.

When Jackie O said she didn’t drink anymore, one person clapped, but when Gwyneth admitted she’d had a cheeseburger for lunch today, everyone clapped.

There was tons of privilege happening in the conversation, but both women remained effortlessly likeable.

Gwyneth was funny and sharp, and Jackie O was asking all the questions you’d want to ask if you were interviewing a massive movie star.

When Gwyneth confessed she was partial to road rage, Jackie O didn’t miss a beat.

“Do you ever stick your finger out?” She asked.

Gwyneth admitted she did.

The chat could have turned into self-indulgent fodder, but instead, the result was funny, warm and, at times, even insightful.

Gwyneth shared that the only time criticism hurts is when someone says something about you that is already a “judgement” you’ve made about yourself.

There were lots of murmers in agreement when she uttered that iconic line and there is no doubt it’ll be a phrase repeated over brunch at Bills in the very near future.

After the show, women were abuzz with compliments over the candid chat. All you could hear besides the excited praise was their Chanel bag’s flaps moving in the night air.

The reviews were glowing.

“It was better than I thought,” someone shared.

“I love that she swore,” another added.

“It was a great night away from the kids,” another praised

“It was so good,” someone raved.

If Gwyneth’s plan was to charm the $500 pants off Sydney’s elite, her mission was accomplished.

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