Some say age is just a number when it comes to love, but a study has claimed to have found the “perfect” age gap.

The study, conducted by Emory University in Atlanta, has predicted how likely couples are to break up based on their age gap — claiming couples with more than two decades between them have a 95 per cent chance of separating.

Those with a ten-year age gap have a 39 per cent chance of splitting and those with a five-year age gap have an 18 per cent chance of calling it quits.

But, the ideal age gap is one year, with couples with that age gap having just three per cent chance of breaking up, the researchers found.

Australian relationship expert Samantha Jayne said that while the study, which looked at 3000 couples, was interesting – there are always exceptions to the rule.

“Dating someone closer to your age does make it easier when it comes to common ground. You tend to ‘get’ each other if you grew up in the same generation,” Samantha told news.com.au.

“You know the same music, TV shows, fashion, political/global issues. It comes down to birds of a feather flock together.”

She said when it comes to family, you tend to be on the same page, but others have a preference for an older partner as it creates maturity, experience and stability.

Meanwhile, some prefer younger partners because it makes them feel youthful.

“All circumstances are different, and it does come down to an individual. Ultimately the studies have found that a gap of one to three years has the greatest level of happiness and satisfaction,” Samantha said.

“Often with larger age gaps there tends to be a power struggle. Sometimes the older one is more like a parent and the younger one is more in a follow position with less of a voice.

“In some cases, some cultures frown upon large age gaps especially with women being older so this can be very challenging.”

Challenges includes having children, which can be risky for older women and cause her to miss out if a younger partner isn’t ready but then changes their mind.

Samantha said the roles have been reversed, and now it is often older women seeking younger men.

“The older the person, the greater life experience they have. They can be great mentors, you can learn more, have deeper more meaningful conversions, the sex is better, and they are more financially secure,” Samantha said.

“The cons are they could have more baggage and ex wife/husband, kids, be more set in their ways or be a little more possessive due to insecurity.

“They might also be a different stage and want to go pout less, have less energy and a smaller network. You might also struggle blending friends.”

She said that communication and meeting in the middle when it comes to hobbies, interests and needs could help bridge the ape gap.


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