A shocking video has showed the inside of a Sydney rental listed for $1300-per-week, complete with what appeared to be mould and a dead mouse.

A TikTok user who uses the handle Grugg13 provided viewers with a tour of the four-bedroom, one-bathroom home in Strathfield in Sydney’s inner west.

“$1300 per week,” read the on-screen caption, alongside the tag: “#shitrentalsofsydney”.

It was listed for almost twice the median rent for a house in Sydney, which is currently a staggering $700 per week.

The video showed the kitchen ceiling, which appeared to be damaged, and cabinets that were streaked with black marks. Several mysterious metal baskets were piled up on the countertop.

In the bathroom, noticeable stains that seemed to be caused by mould decorated the shower curtain, the bottom of which was stained a sickly brown-green. The wall leading to the bathroom also appeared to be badly water damaged.

The paint on the walls was cracked and peeling in several places.

In the garden, a corrugated iron shed was almost completely coated in rust. Two trestle table legs stood abandoned in the grass.

A strange demountable-like structure sat at the back of the garden, behind what appeared to be construction scaffolding.

More shockingly, a dead mouse lay strewn on one of the outdoor tiles in the grass. It appeared to have been there for some time and was partially decomposed with part of its skeleton on display.

Several TikTok users took to the video’s comment section to vent their frustrations about Sydney’s unprecedented rental crisis.

“No way?? $1300 a week, are you serious??” one user said.

“They aren’t even trying anymore. People are desperate and they know it,” another commented.

“Genuinely feral,” added a third.

Another noted the 734-square-metre house sold for a staggering $3.7 million in April this year.

The agent attached to the property has been contacted by news.com.au.

Rental affordability in Australia recently hit its worst levels in nearly a decade.

The ANZ CoreLogic Housing Affordability report found a median income household would need to spend 30.8 per cent of its income on rent nationally, and for lower income levels an “unmanageable” 51.6 per cent would be required.

In March, an Anglicare snapshot found only four rentals across the whole country that were affordable for a single person on Jobseeker, out of more than 45,000 listings.

“Australia’s rental market has seen a sharp decline in rental supply and vacancy for almost three years,” CoreLogic’s report said.

“At April 2023, CoreLogic observed 91,869 rental listings on the market, from a recent high of 181,493 in May 2020. Total rent listings are 38.1 per cent below the previous decade average of 148,259. Rental vacancy rates were 1.1 per cent nationally through the month, below a decade average of 3 per cent.”

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