The Matildas have defied expectations to deliver win after win at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, but there is “one thing” that could be their undoing, an expert has warned.

The Australian soccer stars clinched victory over France on Saturday in a nailbiting nought-nought game that secured them a spot in the semi-finals.

The team’s success, under the direction of captain Sam Kerr, has drawn the admiration of sports fans and the ordinary public alike.

But, there is one thing former Socceroos adviser and mindset expert Mike Conway warns could halt the team in its tracks: “technointerference”.

The leadership expert warned the women’s team that the distraction of social media “noise” could interrupt their big game on Wednesday.

“After the last Women’s World Cup, there was much learning and humility that had to emerge from past losses,” Mr Conway said.

“The staff and players have to reset after dealing with judgment and perceptions that they’re not good enough.

“They’ve put in the preparation and the practice and they have a clear goal. They want to win – and they have a good chance.”

More than 4.1 million people tuned in on Saturday to watch the Matildas play, with scores taking to social media to share their joy afterwards.

The players – and their relationships – have quickly become front-page news since the tournament began in early-August, sparking further commentary online.

While with the team in Qatar, Mr Conway said he saw that the Matildas looked out for another and were prepared for the social media storm.”

“There was a great vibe and what helped with that was we didn’t read into the hype and social media,” Mr Conway said.

“The Matildas have an extraordinary team identity, they’ve got quality and they’ve got very good players.”

“This is such an exciting time for women’s sport, and an exciting time for Australia.”


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