An Oklahoma mother shared that her “literal worst nightmare happened” when her 5-year-old son’s school bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop in 105-degree heat.

Kelly Mullholland, the mother of the 5-year-old, posted doorbell footage on TikTok that showed her son walking up to a random house, ringing the doorbell and pleading for help.

“Will you help me find my mummy?” the boy, who is in kindergarten, asked on the Ring footage.

It was the boy’s first time on a school bus, his mother said.

The clip, which has over 4 million views, proceeds with Mullholland detailing the exact moment she realises her son, as well as another 5-year-old with him, were dropped off at the wrong stop, The NY Post reports.

“Almost an hour after they’re supposed to be dropped off I finally see the bus, so I get out of my car to walk to the corner of the street to meet it,” she starts off.

“The bus driver opened the door and the first things out of his mouth were, ‘Oh, are you supposed to have kids on this bus?’ Full. Panic. Mode,” Mullholland says frantically.

When Mullholland asked the bus driver where exactly her son and the other 5-year-old, her boyfriend’s daughter, were dropped off, the bus driver couldn’t answer.

As Mullholland stood there and wondered where her little boy could be, she said in the video, an older child on the bus interjected and told her “They remember seeing them get off at the last stop.”

Mullholland said the older child couldn’t give an exact street name but kept saying “down on the corner, down there,” while pointing to the area.

Mullholland hopped back in her car and hurried down the street where the older kid on the bus directed her and alerted her boyfriend to check the children’s school.

Mullholland initially circled the area, but the kids were nowhere to be found.

“So I go back to my car to get my phone to call my boyfriend, and a car pulls up alongside of me and asks if I’m looking for two kids,” Mullholland says.

“He [the neighbour in the area] told me what streets and I race over there to find that they’re no longer there,” she said.

Then, in a miracle scenario and with the help of other nearby neighbours, Mullholland says, “We finally find them at a house over a half-mile from where we live, as well as a half-mile from where they were dropped off at.”

The kids had been outside wandering the area for over an hour in 105-degree weather, the Daily Mail reported.

“This is inexcusable. I’m so glad they are safe,” one person said in response to the viral video.

“The crying ‘Would you help me find my mommy’ absolutely sent me into tears,” another said. “The fear in his little voice.”

“I’m a school bus driver,” a third said. “We are not allowed to let a kindergarten or 1st grade child off without a parent at the stop.”

This article originally appeared in The NY Post and was reproduced with permission.

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