Carrie Bickmore has shared a never-before-seen family photo from her childhood alongside a present-day recreation.

The pictures were shared side-by-side in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

The first is a childhood picture taken in the mid-1980s when the former Project host was about five years old, standing in front of her mother.

“A few weeks ago to celebrate my mum’s 70th, I took her back to Colorado where we lived together when I was 5,” Bickmore wrote on the post.

“She did a teaching exchange. Mum’s always said it was one of the best year’s (sic) of her life.”

The second picture is a recreation of the first, taken during Carrie and her mother’s trip back to the US, complete with clothing matching their 1980s outfits.

“For a laugh we recreated some of our old photos with varying results,” Bickmore wrote, also teasing that there were “more to come”.

The post is also accompanied by an audio recording of a young Bickmore reading from a book (“little American Carrie” as Bickmore describes herself) with a noticeable US accent.

Bickmore, 42, was born in Adelaide but moved to Perth during her childhood, either before or after living in the US.

The comments under the post were full of positive messages, including a love heart emoji sent by Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns.


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