The son of a man stabbed to death by his daughter’s then boyfriend during a Christmas Day party gone awry has recalled the moment he saw his father “face down” and seeing “a lot of blood” from the attack.

Ethan Toby was one of the attendees of the ill-fated Christmas party in 2020 hosted by his father, Warren Toby, at a home in North Ipswich.

The party descended into chaos after Garth Michael Reid – the boyfriend of Warren Toby’s daughter Kieran Toby-Currie – fatally stabbed the senior Mr Toby while trying to leave the property that night.

On the second day of Mr Reid’s trial at Brisbane Supreme Court, Ethan gave evidence he heard his sister scream for him out the front of the home.

He recalled being confronted Mr Reid, who had a knife in his hand, near his father.

“I looked back over at dad and he was on the ground, laying down face down,” Ethan told the court.

“Then I was like, ‘What have you done to my dad?’

“After seeing the knife it all clicked slowly.”

Mr Reid has pleaded not guilty to a single count of murder.

The Crown contends he intended to kill or cause grievous bodily harm to Mr Toby when he fatally stabbed him on Christmas Day 2020.

The jury was told Mr Reid and Ms Toby-Currie wanted to leave the party but were prevented from doing so by Mr Toby, who did not want them to drive home drunk.

Mr Reid persisted in his attempts, leading to a confrontation in the front of the Hall St property.

On Tuesday, Ethan gave evidence his father shut the gate to prevent Mr Reid driving his ute from the property, even sitting in the vehicle’s tray.

“No one was in a driving state,” he explained.

The court was told he left the front yard after it seemed like things had calmed down with Mr Reid and his father.

Ethan said he then heard Ms Toby-Currie scream his name.

The court was told he saw the senior Mr Toby with a bloodied nose as if he had been “punched in the face”.

Mr Reid was screaming words like “Come on c**t, you wanna go?” and “You don’t know violence like I know violence”, Ethan told the court.

He said he turned to see his father face down on the ground.

“He’d been stabbed at least twice … there was a lot of blood,” Ethan said.

“I was holding dad saying, ‘It’s OK dad, he’s gone’.”

During cross-examination, Ethan denied suggestions he told Mr Reid he would “smash” his face in if he tried to leave.

“I said, ‘If you want to leave, you’ve got to go through me’,” he told the court.

Jessica Horne, Mr Reid’s defence barrister, suggested Ethan and his father followed Ms Toby-Currie and Mr Reid around the side of the house as they tried to leave.

She suggested he did not tell police about his father going upstairs to follow the couple.

“Dad’s following them around telling them not to drink-drive … that’s what the whole argument is about,” Ethan said.

On Monday, Ms Toby-Currie gave evidence that she was “sad” over a joke her father told that evening, centred around “white women being more attractive than black women”.

Ms Toby-Currie said she felt like everyone was laughing at her expense and wanted to leave.

But she later changed her mind.

The jury was told Mr Reid hit his girlfriend when he was prevented from leaving.

“I didn’t think it was going to get physical,” Ms Toby-Currie said.

The trial continues.

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