Hamas have told civilians to stay in their homes after Israel told people to evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip as they prepare for an expected ground invasion.

Thousands of civilians were pictured fleeing by car, on trucks and on foot after the evacuation warning.

Gaza has been hit by more than 6,000 air strikes since Hamas terrorists stormed Israel last Saturday, killing around 1,300 people.

More than 1,500 people have been killed in Gaza and a siege of the territory remains in place with food and water supplies dwindling.

New low for Hamas

Hamas has called on Palestinians to stay in their homes despite the looming threat of bloody door to door combat.

The Hamas authority for refugee affairs told residents of the north of the territory to “remain steadfast in your homes and to stand firm in the face of this disgusting psychological war waged by the occupation”.

Israel has ordered the evacuation of northern Gaza, including Gaza City, home to hundreds of thousands of people.

Palestinians would only be able to flee south within Gaza as Israel has completely sealed off the territory.

The stand-off has fuelled fears of a humanitarian disaster, with a statement on the Hamas website calling Israel “delusional” for thinking people would flee.

“Scenes of migration and displacement are a thing of the past and won’t be repeated, except with the victorious return of our people to our occupied land,” Hamas statement said.

BBC reporter breaks down in tears at hospital in Gaza

A reporter for the BBC fell to his knees in tears while reporting from a hospital in Gaza, saying “I’ve seen things I can’t unsee”.

BBC Arabic reporter Adnan El-Bursh did a walk through of Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza City’s main hospital, when his cameraman spotted a friend named only as Malik who was injured. His whole family had been killed.

Mr El-Bursh, who lives in Gaza, said: “This is my local hospital, inside are my friends, my neighbours. This is my community. Today has been one of the most difficult days in my career. I have seen things that I can never unseen.”

He also interviewed a woman who sat beside the corpses of her dead relatives and a young girl whose home had been destroyed.

“This young girl’s home was destroyed. Her relatives have been killed and she needs help. My daughter is the same age. I want to give her a hug.”

Mr El-Bursh described how “bodies lay everywhere” at the hospital.

Watch the video here.

Erin Molan clashes with pro-Palestine activist

Sky News host Erin Molan had a heated argument interviewing prominent Australian writer Dr Randa Abdel-Fattah shortly after news broke of Israel’s 24-hour warning for civilians to evacuate Gaza.

Molan condemned Dr Abdel-Fattah, author of Coming of Age in the War on Terror, for failing to call out Hamas and recognise it as a terrorist organisation, leading to a heated exchange over past atrocities dealt by Israel.

She called out the academic for “defending Hamas in the past”, making reference to an ideas panel she sat on in 2021 with a known Hamas “terrorist”.

Dr Abdel-Fattah said she “does not see Hamas as a terrorist organisation” and repeatedly made reference to the historic “apartheid” being carried out on Palestinian civilians by the state of Israel.

She claimed that the current state of affairs is the culmination of many years of oppression on the Palestinian people, insinuating media hosts are not reporting the bigger picture.

“I have already said I condemn the violence that Hamas perpetrated, and it should be held to account,” she said.

“I don’t see them as a terrorist organisation. What is the purpose of a terrorist label here? “Let’s talk about Israel’s terrorism on Palestinians.


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