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The Best Ways To Pack Jewellery For Moving House or Travelling

by Sharon Butcher

What do you have in your jewelry box? You want to make sure the items come comfortably, whether they are special presents from loved ones or costume jewels to complement an ensemble. When traveling or moving, carefully packaging jewelry ensures the items remain intact with no torn bracelets, twisted necklaces, or misplaced earrings. These pointers will assist you with getting everything ready for transport.

It could be easier to pack objects since they are packed before traveling. If you keep your jewelry in a box or armoire, you can conveniently wrap individual pieces and transfer them inside the armoire. Protect it like you would any other piece of furniture: Stretch wrap the drawers and use paper lining to secure the finish.

If you have necklaces and earrings that are hanging up at home, use the tips below to secure them. You might poke several pairs of earrings through a foam plate (and tape the backs in place), then cover the whole plate in packaging paper and place it in a package. To keep necklaces from tangling in transit, use the straw/cardboard tube trick, then wrap each one separately and stack them in a pack.  If you want to see how to pack necklaces without tangling them? How about keeping the silver from tarnishing in storage? We’ve got some great advice to help you pack your jewelry like a pro. If you’re about to move house and require furniture removalists and want to make sure your baubles and beads are perfectly packed, keep reading!



Step-by-step Guide for Packing Jewellery

  • There are a few tips to help secure your jewels no matter why or how you’re moving it. This video has some useful advice for those who are flying or relocating.
  • For precious items, use a jewelry roll. The compartments keep the parts apart, and the small size makes it easier to transport.
  • Using a pill case, you will organize tiny objects. Earrings or rings are an excellent choice for this application.
  • Necklaces may be strung through a straw or a cardboard roll. Trim or roll the straw to match the necklace. Wrap the products in tissue or wrapping paper after you’ve secured the clasp.
  • With resealable kitchen wrap, you can keep things safe and separate. Lay out a strip of wrap, fold it in half, and press the wrap to keep the objects in place.
  • Earrings may be hung by hooking them into buttons or foam. Tape the backs to prevent them from falling down.
  • Wrap each piece in wrapping paper or zip-top containers. Put these smaller packets in a jewelry box and bundle it up for transport.


How to Pack Different Jewelry Materials

You need to learn how to pack various kinds of jewellery so that you know how to pack necklaces without tangling. Did you know that different materials need different types of storage? Jewellery is delicate and, in most circumstances, costly. That is why learning how to pack jewelry by style is important. Proper packaging is particularly necessary if you want to store platinum, diamonds, or pearls for an extended period of time, as these items will deteriorate over time.

Packing and Storing Silver

When it comes to storing silver, you must exercise extreme caution. Silver jewellery is better held in a felt bag or wrapped in a silver polishing fabric. As a result, there is no reference to the air. However, regardless of how good you pack it, you will need to polish your silver after extracting it from storage.

Packing Diamonds

It is real that diamond jewellery necessitates careful packing. This tip, on the other hand, is about how to secure other jewels. This is due to the fact that diamonds are so solid that they can scratch most metals and stones. To secure the other jewels, wrap everything containing diamonds.

Packing Pearls

A not-so-fun truth is that storing pearls in plastic will cause them to deteriorate! That means you can never keep pearls in a plastic package. Instead, keep them in a wooden box lined with felt.



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Preventing Your Jewellery From Tarnishing

Many pieces of jewelry will tarnish over time, depending on the quality and metal used. This is particularly true if you live in an area of high humidity on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that moisture in the air is the leading source of tarnishing. Humidity actually hastens the operation. Here are a few anti-tarnishing tips to help you reduce tarnishing significantly:

Make use of Silica Packets

These little packets, like the ones you get when you buy new sneakers or out of a vitamin container, are ideal. They include silica, which retains moisture and therefore prevents tarnishing.

Maintain the Dryness of Your Jewelry

Do not keep your jewels in a garage or a cellar, since both are prone to moisture. Try renting a temperature-controlled storage space to keep your perishable products.

Make use of felt-lined boxes

Felt is used to cover several different kinds of jewelry cases. The felt supports the jewels by providing a thin layer of protection from external factors such as impacts and moisture.


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