One of the most recognisable chocolate bars in the world has made a “huge announcement” about its iconic red and white wrappers.

Nestlé has revealed the classic KitKat and KitKat Gold four-finger bars as well as the KitKat Chunky Aero Mint bar and classic KitKat block will now be made using 90 per cent recycled plastic.

The move follows its switch to greener packaging made with 30 per cent recycled plastic in 2022 which made KitKat Australia’s first food wrapped in a more sustainable soft plastic.

This is the highest amount in recycled soft plastic used in a confectionary wrapper compared to any other major food brand, which Nestlé claims results in 1.2 square kilometres of virgin plastic being cut from production each year.

“KitKat lovers tell us they want breaks for good – and that packaging matters to them. Their appetite for change is accelerating and we know they are looking for better packaging, including packaging made with more recycled material,” Andrew Lawrey, Nestlé’s general manager of confectionery, told news.com.au.

“It’s critical that our packaging keeps KitKat safe and fresh and delivers that delicious snap consumers love.

“While recycled plastic suitable for soft plastic food wrappers continues to be scarce, we will keep working closely with our suppliers to transition as quickly as possible.”

Margaret Stuart, the confectionary company’s director of corporate affairs and sustainability in the Oceania region, said the company was on a mission to cut the use of virgin plastics by a third by 2025.

“We hope this wrapper does more than just reduce virgin plastic use. We hope it’s a reminder of the circular potential for soft plastics.

“We all know the disappointment of not being able to recycle our soft plastics right now, but we’ve designed our wrappers so that where collection is available, they can be recycled,” Ms Stuart said.

“We’re continuing to work with industry and the value chain to see a future where Australian used plastic can be collected and turned into soft plastic food packaging.”

The new wrappers will be rolled out from October 2023 across the country.


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