Australians travelling to one of world’s safest countries have been warned to exercise a “high degree of caution” from a rising terrorism threat.

The Federal Government raised its risk assessment for Denmark, warning Australians the country now faces an increased risk of terror attacks after Koran burnings in the country and neighbouring Sweden triggered worldwide riots.

“We’ve reviewed our travel advice for Denmark,” the government’s Smart Traveller agency said.

“We now advise exercise a high degree of caution due to the threat of terrorism.

“Several groups have called for attacks on Denmark in retaliation to ongoing Koran burnings.”

Anti-Islam protesters in Sweden in Denmark have torched Korans, the holy text for Muslims, and riots have erupted across Iran and Iraq.

Protesters in Iraq attacked the Swedish embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, in June over the burnings.

The Level 2 warning means Australian travellers are cautioned to pay close attention to their personal security, with Denmark’s terrorism threat now listed as “significant”.

“At level 2, there are more or higher risks than what you would typically find in a large Australian city,” Smart Traveller states.

“We’re not saying ‘don’t go’ to this location.

“But you should do your research and take extra precautions.”

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service said militant Islamists posed the main terror threat in Denmark.

“The most likely militant Islamist terrorist attack in Denmark is an attack carried out with easily accessible means, firearms or improvised explosive devices by a small group or a lone actor inspired by militant Islamist propaganda,” the agency states.

The Danish government has begun deliberations to outlaw Koran burnings in public places.

Smart Traveller’s new advisory comes just a week after

it updated its assessment for France, warning Australians to exercise a high degree of caution during the Rugby World Cup, which takes place across major French cities from September, due to the threat of terrorism.

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