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The IDF says it has launched a series of small but daring raids into the Gaza Strip under the cover of night to kill terrorist cells and try to learn information about the hundreds of hostages who remain in Hamas’s custody.

Meanwhile its bombardment of Gaza continues. Local health authorities claim the Palestinian death toll has risen to 5,087, including 2,055 children, with a further 15,273 people injured. In the last 24 hours, the death toll has been reported at 436, 182 of whom are children.

Those are figures from the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry. They have not been independently verified.

Read on for the latest news.

‘Been through hell’: Released hostage speaks

An 85-year-old woman freed from Hamas captors has spoken for the first time, saying she has “been through hell”.

Yocheved Lifschitz was visibly shaken as she fronted the press on Tuesday, explaining her husband was still a hostage inside Gaza.

Her daughter Sharone said she had been beaten with sticks and forced to walk kilometres on wet ground after being taken by Hamas militants on a motorbike earlier this month.

Lifschitz said that captives are being forced to sleep on mattresses in tunnels, with a paramedic regularly coming to see them to bring the medicine.

Hostage rescue groups continue to operate by the minute but information is patchy.

“My father is there. There’s so many other people. We’re waiting for good news about everyone. My heart is with all my friends and loved ones,” Sharone said.

Hamas say 5,000 people killed in Gaza

Health authorities in Gaza claim more than 5,000 people have been killed since Hamas terrorists stormed Israel on October 7.

The Hamas-run Health Ministry claim the dead also include some 2,055 children.

ABC smashed over ‘disgraceful’ interview

The ABC is facing backlash over an interview on 7.30 bySarah Ferguson that featured Hamas’s head of international relations Dr Basem Naim.

Senator Sarah Henderson questioned ABC director David Anderson on the broadcaster’s “shocking” decision to “interview a prescribed terrorist organisation” just days after it “committed the worst atrocities possible”.

“Equally shocking is your decision, Mr Anderson, to defend that editorial decision, do you stand by that editorial decision?” she said.

“I do stand by it, I do think that it‘s editorially justified to make that interview,” he told the Senate estimates hearing on Tuesday,” Mr Anderson replied.

“We interviewed a range of people post those attacks, certainly, those people that represented Israel, to begin with, to understand them.

“We did interview a representative of Hamas to challenge them with regard to what they were saying which was false claims.”

Mr Anderson said he would not rule out further interviewing “somebody representing a terrorist organisation”, insisting editorial decisions were made for “good journalism reasons”.

The interview can still be viewed on the ABC’s website, titled ‘” Hamas senior leader claims there were no claims to target civilians in Israel attack.”

“Where is the questioning, the revelations of the heinous atrocities committed by Hamas,” Henderson continued.

“This is disgraceful Mr Anderson.”

The ABC executive said he would “take a look” at the criticism but disagreed that it was a “disgraceful” interview.

“There are other news organisations that do not, I do not why, including the BBC,” he said.

Israel-Hamas war risks ‘serious’ economic damage: World Bank president

The war between Israel and Hamas could deal a “serious” blow to global economic development, the president of the World Bank told an investor conference in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

“What just happened recently in Israel and Gaza — at the end of the day you put all this together, I think the impact on economic development is even more serious,” Ajay Banga said, adding: “I think we’re at a very dangerous juncture.”

Reporter’s bone-chilling live cross

Rushdi Abualouf, a reporter on the ground in Khan Younis, was interrupted midway through a live cross with the BCC when nearby explosions erupted.

Abualouf instinctively ducked but continued his report after realising he was safe.

“There have been intense airstrikes tonight. This is the area where Israel said it would be safer to be,” he said.

“In terms of the humanitarian situation, things are getting worse and worse. People are watching the trucks coming in, but no aid is being distributed.”

Israel strikes 400 Hamas targets overnight

The IDF claims it has struck over 400 terrorist targets in the past 24hrs

The targets included Hamas gunmen setting up to fire rockets toward Israel, a Hamas tunnel shaft allowing terrorists to infiltrate Israel through the sea.

The IDF said it also struck Hamas command centres used by operatives and staging armaments in Mosques.


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