Indigenous Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has lashed the prime minister, telling a conservative conference Anthony Albanese is “so concerned with his own popularity he’s willing to tear apart the country”.

The prominent No Campaigner has been vocal about how she doesn’t believe the Constitution should be amended to recognise Indigenous Australians as the nation’s First Peoples and enshrine a permanent, independent Aboriginal and Torres Strait advisory body, or “Voice”, to parliament and the executive government.

Senator Price walked onto the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday at The Star Convention Centre in Sydney to a roaring applause and standing ovation.

She told the audience the “leftie establishment, corporate elites and mainstream media” would be terrified to know there was a room full of “Australians who are completely unafraid to show their support for conservative politics”.

She introduced her talk by saying “absolutely nothing” had been done to improve the lives of the “most marginalised Australians”.

“Instead we have a prime minister so concerned with his own popularity that he’s willing to tear apart the country for some applause from the media, and of course his corporate elite,” Senator Price said.


Senator Price said the gap did not exist between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians, but rather between people who live in cities and those in remote areas.

She slammed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s leadership and said the nation “can’t trust” the government.

“Albanese told us that Australians deserve a prime minister who shows up, takes responsibility and works for the people,” she said.

“Well, mate, it’s time to show up.

“It’s time to take responsibility. It’s time to be accountable for your government.”

Senator Price said it was “absolutely unbelievable” Mr Albanese didn’t have any details for the Voice.

She told the crowd the nation’s leader had lost “all credibility” and had no plan or solutions.

“Make no mistake, this is the most divisive referendum this country has ever faced,” she said.

“We need every single one of you to be relentless in your opposition to this dangerous, divisive and costly referendum.”

Fresh polling has cast doubt on the success of The Voice, with Victoria and Tasmania the only states returning a Yes vote.

The Resolve Political Monitor conducted for the Nine Newspapers found support for the voice had fallen to 46 per cent, down from 63 per cent a year ago.

To succeed a referendum must have a majority of voters across Australia and four out of six states to cast a yes ballot.

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