There is no actual need for any more evidence of the idiotic vapidity of the so-called “hard” left, but as with so many things that nobody needs, they continue to deliver it anyway.

This time the vehicle is the ALP National Conference, at which for the first time in a generation, the Left technically has a majority.

But this of course puts the party in a bit of a bind, because if all the batshit crazy proposals the Left constantly puts up at conferences were ever to be implemented as policy, any Labor government would instantly implode.

Enter Anthony Albanese, the veteran warrior-war lord of the Left who has since reinvented himself as a pragmatic moderate leader in the mould of Hawke and Keating.

Young Albo would have kicked against everything Hawke and Keating did back in the day —

and indeed back in the day he often did — but Albo Mark II is an older and wiser man and now has to belt his old comrades into line if his sensible centrist prime ministership is to survive.

Hence the few table scraps he has thrown the baying dogs of the lunar left in order to shut them up and prevent them from embarrassing him for starters, but in truth the party more generally and themselves most of all.

Because the very nature of the things the hard left are calling for illuminates not just how deluded and out of touch they are with everyday Australian values and concerns — the rabid obsession with Israel and Palestine is a case in point — but how vehemently opposed they are to the Albanese government itself.

Take, for example, the subgroup calling itself Labor Against War — as though everyone else in Labor and Australia is in favour of war. What’s next? Labor Against Paedophiles? Labor Against Death?

But whatever. Here is Labor Against War’s manifesto as revealed in — where else? — its Twitter profile:

“No War | No Nuke Subs | No AUKUS A grassroots network of ALP members opposed to Australia being dragged into another US-led war”.

Like most insufferable closet commies, they hate Australia’s AUKUS pact with the United States and Britain because they hate the United States and Britain and they hate its accompanying nuclear submarine deal because they hate anything with the word nuclear in it.

The problem is they are in the wrong party, because as was declared on May Day this year: “The fight against war is a fight against Australia’s Labor government”.

This searing rallying cry contained the exact same sentiments on AUKUS and uncannily similar geopolitical analysis except that it was delivered by Cheryl Crisp, the National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party and published on the World Socialist Web Site as part of the International Committee of the Fourth International. Hold on to your hats!

Indeed, Crisp opens her speech by criticising the Ukrainian war effort and accuses the US of secretly planning to go to war against China and the Albanese government actively assisting it. Here we go:

“On behalf of the SEP in Australia, I send my revolutionary greetings to all those participating in this May Day rally,” she said.

“My comrades from all over the world have, in this meeting, warned of the escalating danger of world war, the result of the acceleration of the US-NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

“The reckless descent of the US and NATO allied countries into a direct war with Russia, a nuclear-armed country, would undeniably result in the use of nuclear weapons, threatening the very existence of humanity.

“But the main target of American imperialism is, in fact, China. In Australia, the Albanese government, which is approaching one year in office, is acting as a spearhead for the provocative and accelerated US plans for war against China.”

So if Labor Against War is really against war, it should ditch the warmongering Labor Party it seems to hate so much and sign up with its commie fellow travellers.

Or perhaps its members should join another organisation with impeccable anti-war credentials which passed a motion “noting the risks to human, animal and plant life posed by nuclear submarines and requesting that the Australian government ratify the UN Treaty against Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons”.

Again, this sounds an awful lot like Labor Against War, but was in fact the Greens-run Inner West Council in 2021 “expressing Inner West Council’s opposition to the presence of nuclear submarines in Sydney Harbour” — another foreign policy triumph for local government.

And how had the Greens seized control of Inner West Council? By knifing the Labor mayor Darcy Byrne — who has thankfully since been democratically elected back to the role.

So once more Labor Against War is saying the exact same things as those who are openly at war with the Labor Party. Indeed, they sound a lot like traitors — and every good commie knows what has to be done with them.

Of course, I’m sure the loyal comrades would say that just because they act and sound exactly the same as two extreme-left organisations dedicated to the destruction of the Labor Party, it doesn’t mean that they are actually the same.

But, as the Twitter left is so fond of saying: It’s the company you keep.

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