Former NSW premier Bob Carr has penned a heartbreaking tribute to his late wife, Helena Carr, after a shock medical episode abroad.

The Malaysian-Australian businesswoman was visiting Vienna with Mr Carr when she suffered a brain aneurysm on Thursday night.

In a statement released on Saturday, the long-serving Labor leader wrote their; “50-year partnership ended in the hotel bathroom when she sunk into my arms and I broke her fall to the floor”.

“Her eyes closed for the last time while I begged her not to leave me,” he said.

“She was the light of my life, the little friend always there. No one ever smiled more, or with more spirit.

“Her little heart continues to beat but her brain has haemorrhaged with a massive amount of blood.”

In the statement, Mr Carr said doctors had declared that she would not recover from the brain aneurysm.

“On Thursday we walked in autumn weather through Vienna, had lunch with two Australian friends, walked some more and went to the opera,” he said.

“She was full of zest and jokes as we walked back to our hotel. Within 20 minutes she referred to strange back pain, then a headache and nausea.

“It is inconceivable I could have won office for my party and held the premiership for over 10 years without the steadiness of her companionship, her sense of fun and her lambent eyes.”

Helena Carr, 77, was born in Malaysia but moved to Australia to study at Our Lady of Mercy College in Parramatta after writing letters to Australian schools.

She became an accomplished businesswoman after studying economics at Sydney University.

Mr Carr said the pair met during a stopover in Tahiti in early 1971, with the pair marrying a year later.

“The light has gone out of my life. I know many have faced this challenge, the loss of a life partner, the journey no one wishes,” Mr Carr wrote.

“One reason to trying is my sense she is there telling me to go on for her.”


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