A product used by 4WD enthusiasts has been urgently recalled for not complying with safety standards.

The Lion 4WD Recovery Snatch Straps are a staple for campers and off-roaders who use them to recover their vehicle out of sand or mud if it gets bogged in the landscape.

The ACCC issued a statement on Wednesday urging people who have purchased the straps over a seven-year period to stop using the product immediately after it was uncovered it may not comply with mandatory standards.

The standards require the product to contain a permanently attached tag detailing safety warnings with a large bold header that reads, “incorrect use of this product may result in injury or death”.

The warning goes on to explain that vehicle occupants and bystanders have been “killed by flying projectiles,” such as tow balls if the recovery strap is attached incorrectly.

“Products included in this recall do not have the required warnings,” the ACCC statement read.

“These warnings are required to be permanently attached to the snatch strap.

“A sheet containing required instructions for use is also missing from the product.”

The product has been sold nationally in three hardware outlets across the country – Mitre 10, Home Hardware, Thrifty Link Hardware – since 2017.

People who own the snatch straps have been urged to stop using the product and check if they are missing the warning label and instructions.

If they don’t, they should contact Lion to arrange for assessment of the strap and relabelling or replacement if required.

If the instruction for use sheet is missing, Lion can be contacted for a copy by phone on 03 9761 6199 or via email at sales@lionaust.com.au.


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